My name is Rachel. I grew up around the world…eight years in Canada, eight years in Virginia, six years in Kenya. After that I taught school in Kansas where I met my husband, Craig. Nine months into our marriage, we moved to Thailand where we lived for two years in a small, mountain village. We now live in Texas where we are making our home. 

We have four, lovely children. Bomani, Daisy, Hazel, and Enzo. We are incredibly blessed.

What I do? I am a wife and mom. That is almost all I accomplish every day and every night. 🙂 But every now and then, I slip in a little soapmaking, a little shopping…a little blogging. 

My dreams?

I am currently living my dream. To be a wife to a man like Craig…to be a mother to beautiful children~that is my dream.

Other dreams?

I dream of being a supermom. Making delicious food every day, for every meal, having a spotless, shining house, and making lots of soap, tinctures, and sourdough bread. 

We dream of going back to Thailand to live and spread God’s Kingdom. 

I dream of heaven. 

Welcome to my blog.