So maybe that’s not 100% true. I love kefir. So much. Kefir is way more amazing than any of us really realize. The bacteria in kefir is different from the bacteria in yogurt. Yogurt is cool. It has a few benefits. (If you eat it without sugar!) But kefir…it’s beyond incredible. The bacteria in kefir is resilient. It really stays in your gut and makes a difference. I have a friend who has a toddler with cerebral palsy. One issue these kids often deal with is constipation. Nothing my friend tried worked for her daughter…not even prescribed drugs from her doctor…until she tried kefir. Yay! It’s awesome!

But that’s off the subject of this post!

I love sauerkraut. I don’t just crave it like some people do, but I do enjoy it’s bright tang added to my plate. Today I want to share with you just how simple it can be to make this. 

I use purple cabbage. I have this (possible flawed) idea that the brighter the vegetable, the denser the nutrients. 🙂 But I also love the color. Sauerkraut made with green cabbage is just…a pale green. But if  you use purple cabbage, the fermentation deepens and brightens the hue, adding a pop of color to any plate. Daisy loves purple sauerkraut! Color speaks!

I use two heads of cabbage. I do not weigh my cabbage. I am not a careful cook. 🙂 I use my ninja food processor, placing chunks of cabbage inside, and processing it until it’s the texture I want! You can have chopped cabbage, finely grated cabbage…your pick! 

I place my processed cabbage into a large, stainless steel bowl. I add salt. I wouldn’t go over a fourth cup of salt for this amount. But you do need at least two tablespoons. After you make it a few times, you know how salty you like the finished product. I don’t like mine super salty, so I’ll go with about 3 tablespoons. To be honest, I just taste it as I work it in.

Which brings me to another “myth”. I don’t believe you need to pound and work your cabbage/salt mixture to bring out the juices! I mix it well with a big spoon or my hands. Then I let it set for a couple hours. After that, there is juice! But I don’t need a lot of juice. Guess why!

Enter: Fido Jars.

Seriously. I tried all sorts of things. I used to fill a baggy with water and place that in the top of the jar to try and keep out air. But it’s not tight. Not fool-proof. Then I invested in those gadgets that you put on top of a mason jar. Not fool proof. But then…I read about Fido Jars.

These are a special jar that does exactly what we need: no air can enter the jar, but it allows the gasses to “burp” out as they need to! This means that your jar will not explode. It also means that your sauerkraut will have only the right kind of bacteria going on in there. 

I am in a group on facebook called Fido Fermentation. Because of what I have learned, I stick with only this brand of these style of jars. I’m sure other brands do work, but we know this brand is tried and true. 

A couple things I have learned along the way…

When processing your cabbage, do take plenty of outside leaves off. Wash it. Dry it a bit. You want as little bad bacteria as possible that could inhibit the good bacteria taking off. Make sure your jar and bowl is very clean. I had about one jar in my entire career that went bad. It’s easy to see…it ends up brownish, not bright purple/red. 

Here is a link to these amazing jars! 


While the link asks for $14.99, after you click on it, the real price is $12.99. Just so ya know.