Craig surprised me last night when he told me that he wants to give me half a day off! See, he studied half the day on Saturday, which means that I didn’t get my normal day off. 🙂 My normal day off (Saturday) doesn’t mean I leave and do nothing all day! It means that I am not solely in charge of our lovely hundred kids. It means I get a break…a huge break, by having Craig there. My entire body, soul, and spirit prepares for this day. It believes in this day. It (at least thinks!) needs this day. So when it doesn’t happen, it seems like no matter how hard I try to prepare myself for “not having the break”, I somehow and somewhere and sometime…melt down. Not always! But…too often. 🙁 🙂 That’s not why Craig gave me today off though. He gave me off today because he is amazing and caring and sensitive. And because when he is home with the kids for a couple hours, he sort of loses some of his cool. Haha! So he knows that being home with them all week, I need a break. He’s smart and kind. 

So here I am…

Recharge. Decompress. Sort some things out. Pray. Read. Drink coffee. 

So good.

Just a few of the thoughts running through my head as I do these things…

Am I filled with the Holy Spirit in the way Jesus really meant when He left? Or do I have a form of godliness but I’m denying the power of the Holy Spirit in my life? In my world?

How…how do I positively deal with the constant teasing of my oldest child to my twin girls? I’ve changed so much (in my mothering), but not enough…I need more change. More wisdom. Help. I need help.

I may not have more babies. I am maxed out. No more babies…

Yes…the New Testament and the whole Bible were given to us to bring us to the Father’s heart. I’m also so grateful that the New Testament is here to give us good direction on how to do this! How to live well! How to follow God’s heart. 

How can the kids and I thrive? During the wintertime? 

I wonder if there is anything in the fridge for Craig to eat for lunch. Oops.

What is bondage and deception and what is truth? Wisdom…Father…

I’m hungry. Time to pack my heavy bag up and go. 🙂

Okay, so maybe some of that was Too Much Information. Haha!

Have a blessed week! 

Ah, but she is sooo cute!