We see that God’s Word, the Bible that we have in our hands today, was preserved through the generations. We know it is inspired. It changes lives. 

Why was and is it so important to God?

Here is a thought:

What if God is giving us His written Story~ not as a book of rules and how-to-live-right, but rather a gift to bring us to His heart? 

What if it is more important to God to have a close, real relationship with us, than that we follow every “rule” and do this all “right”? 

For those of us who have lived by rules all our lives, we may be afraid of a life of no rules. 

In the Old Testament, God placed boundaries, rules, and laws. There were punishments for breaking them.

When Jesus came, He brought a new way. He writes these things in our hearts. And He brought relationship. 

But even in the Old Testament time, there was freedom. God, God Himself, placed that tree right smack dab in the middle of the garden. 

“Choose,” He said. “I want to have you next to My heart because you chose to, not because you have to.”

What if He does not give us the Bible, the written story, as a rule handbook? What if the written story is here to show us the Father’s heart? …to bring us to the Father’s heart?