Ya gotta’ love those little squinchy faces. <3 🙂 

A non trim apple crisp. 🙂 For the kids, but ya know the parents eat it too! I lost enough weight while I was sick that now I’m having a lot of fun eating some “crossovers”. 🙂 

Cooking tip of the day: add a bit of turmeric to your eggs while making your frittata or quiche. It will turn it into a golden, delicious wedge of sunshine!

It helps to open your own mouth while feeding others. Always. 🙂 <3

Texas in January can be absolutely gorgeous. Especially when it is 72 degrees and sunny like today! 

My husband being a professional photographer and videographer has its perks. 

Kefir. They say a glass of the stuff has more probiotics in it than a whole bottle of capsules! I have a friend with a little girl who has cerebral palsy. Her baby girl had such problems with constipation. Nothing the doctor prescribed helped. Probiotic pills did not help. Kefir totally does the job. Yay! The stuff is amazing and costs you whatever you pay for milk. My kids love it. I blend it with water, a bit of cream, a few frozen strawberries, stevia, and maybe some vanilla. Yum. 

Serious business, boys.

God created us to eat with our eyes. Then He packed nutrients into the most colorful veggies!

My boy who loooves sports. 🙂 

We got the kids Rescue Hero figures for Christmas. They love the Rescue Hero shows and so these were a hit! The twins play with them every day for hours and hours. And hours. 🙂 It is a very nice show, found on youtube. The figures are not made anymore so I had to buy off of ebay. 

Daisy writing her book on seals. 

Bomani wants to buy lacrosse equipment. So he is working for me. 🙂 I love it. 

Okay that got a little full. Haha!

Good morning!

The Story Pro at work. 

Beth, I use this teapot you gave me about every day. Love it. 🙂 <3

My sister Dorcas gave the most darling little pant and cap set for Christmas! (Her sister-in-law makes them.) Talia caused people to swoon in church on Sunday…

Of course mama swoons on a regular basis. 

She desperately needs bright, red shoes to finish out the fashion show. (Mom runs to town…)

Just my day out going to Costco, my favorite grocery store on the planet!! 

Having a baby in the house is addictive. Help. 

Bomani was invited on an afternoon out with his friends. So we had a tea party. 🙂 

When I told my girlies that this was my mom’s china, Daisy asked me, “Was your mom a lovely woman?” I said, “Yes!” She replied with, “…my mom is not too bad either!” Haha! <3

A few of my helpers. 

He was very careful about his job. 🙂 

Homeschooling the big three ain’t that hard. These two are the ones who keep me hopping!

Have a blessed weekend!