Here they are! These feel expensive. I’ll tell you that right off. But they have solved my cup-with-lid deal for my three oldest kids perfectly. Again, I wanted to use glass cups for them. I honestly tried so many things. I tried those cute metal lids with straws. They rusted after a couple weeks of use. I tried plastic tops with a hole for a straw, not realizing that I still needed to use a metal ring, which…rusted after a week or so of use. I didn’t want rust in their water! I needed a 100% plastic lid for their glass jar cups. 

Then I found these.

I knew instantly that they were perfect. But the price! Why???!! I invested, and we have used them for years. They are so perfect. the kids sip out of them without a straw most of the time. In the mornings, I can put their glass jars of fresh water on the table, color coded with the lids.

They get their own drinks throughout the day off the table. No dirtying a hundred glasses. No breaking glasses. The jars are heavy duty. If they dump, a small amount of water runs over the table, not a quart of water! Enzo at two years uses them too now. 

The cool thing is, if I make them a special drink, which of course needs a straw to make it even more festive, the sippy opening has a straw shape! So I stick a straw in and we’re good. 

They have held up perfectly. They are high quality. They have this rubber ring to help them seal off. (The top where the straw fits in isn’t sealed.)

I would buy them all over again. I have three in ocean colors in two different sizes. One for wide mouth pint jars, and the other for regular mouth. Those pint jars have handles so that’s kinda’ cool. We love them. 🙂