Here we go! I am now using Amazon Associate links on my blog. There are so many things that I have found work super well for me in my mommy life, or my crunchy life, or my spiritual life…and many of these items I heard of through others moms. So! I’m going to be posting these items now and again, and if you buy through my link, I can start to make a bit of money! Yay! 🙂

The first item I want to show you are these sippy lids. I have five kids, so I’ve tried all manner of sippy lids through the years. I am crunchy. I don’t like using plastic sippy cups, where water sets inside all day long…getting warm on the window sill, getting stale overnight, and leaching possible chemicals into the water for my babies. I know that BPA free is a great step! But I still love…glass.

(Can even be gripped by the feet!) 

So I went to using a simple one cup mason style jar. Over that jar, I stretch this silicone lid. It may drip a bit on the floor now and then, but it is mostly mess free, it is easy to pop into the dishwasher, it stays on the jar, and it’s…cute! The price is reduced right now. Enjoy!

(P.S. Coming soon: the most awesome lids for my older kids! Never have a glass of water pour over your table again…)