This little lady just turned 1.

I will not go into the details of how incredibly fast this year has gone. You already know that. I am determined not to mourn as my children grow up. 🙂 (I still do at times!)

This past year has been so full of joy!

So, of course, on a whim, I went crazy with the cake. This comes from watching The Great British Baking Show…and wanting to bake everything in sight, but having really bad allergies for a month, so I baked less than usual instead. But now…a birthday cake to make! Yay!

I started out by whipping up two white bean, vanilla cakes and baking them in two different sized cheesecake pans. After that, I cut a circle out of the largest cake. This cut-out would be my top tier. Into the hole I poured a strawberry mousse. Then I placed the second cake on top. Surprise for you when you cut into the cake! 

After that, I covered the entire cake in chocolate ganache made with Lily’s chocolate. You can see I did not get the ganache smooth and shiny. Oops. 🙂 Paul and Mary would not have been terribly impressed. But the rest of us were, so…

See, ya gotta have some sort of chocolate with a strawberry and vanilla cake!

Then I made strawberry whipped cream by whipping heavy cream and pouring in a box of sugar-free (actually was raspberry) jello. It colored it pink and gave it a nice flavor. The whipped cream frosting was not perfectly smooth and didn’t look like real icing, but so goes when you are determined to make a healthy three tiered cake. 🙂 The rosettes I piped also barely looked like rosettes. Haha! This is because of my frosting and because I use a baggie with the corner nipped off. So far I have refused to buy piping tips or bags. 

That says “Talia” on top even if you can’t really…read it. 




We got her these sweet, little stacking cups, which she and Enzo both loved!

Grandpa and Grandma sent a gift!

Surprise! Another larger set of cups! 🙂 🙂 

And that was Talia Rain’s birthday!