Last year this time I had a 1-week-old baby doll. I was supremely happy. But I knew I would do next to nothing that Christmas season! And I didn’t. I stayed home and recovered. And took care of my baby.

I called her Almond Eyes. And had so much fun…but no Christmas. 🙂 

Now it’s this year.

I can do anything!

I am dancing this Christmas season! 

(Okay, maybe not anything…seeing that I do have a hundred kids to lug around with me. But in all fairness, most Christmas things are for kids, so…)

It was Bomani who asked to start Christmas decorating around here. So we looked over our pieces and had some fun! They remembered the tree I made last year out of cardboard and two greenery garlands I had.

The cardboard was unusable, so I looked around, grabbed a large, Costco vinegar bottle, and used that as a base. 🙂 A stop at Dirt Cheap gave me lights for a couple bucks. It is squat, but makes them happy! 

Craig drove me crazy for a couple weeks after he decided on my gift. I was 100% clueless, like had no idea! He didn’t want to wait for Christmas, which is unusual…usually it’s me who can’t wait! So we had our gifts the night of our date. 🙂 

He gave me a robotic vacuum cleaner. Black Friday sale. 🙂 I was honestly like…whaaat?! I barely knew these things existed! But two weeks later, and I am so beyond sold! In the evening, we make sure the main part of the house is picked up. Then we set “Erv” to work and go to bed. In the morning, the floors, carpet and hard floors–are clean, and Erv is back in his charging station! It’s so amazing! If I want to clean the bedrooms, I just put him inside and close the door. He does his thing, including vacuuming under the bed and dressers! A few questions you might have…I’ll just answer them now. He doesn’t get a corner because he is round. 🙂 The compartment to hold dirt is smallish, but you just empty it once every day or so. It’s easy just to open it, dump it into the trash, and click it back in. Talia is afraid of him, so I try to run him while she is sleeping or at night. Otherwise I have a clingy baby! 🙂 Erv runs in a very random pattern, but somehow, the floor is very evenly clean when he is done. I’ll probably do a “real” vacuuming once a month or so in case he isn’t getting as deep of a clean. In general, I could not be happier. My life just got that much easier. 🙂 

But back to Christmas…

A week ago, Craig and I went on a date to our favorite coffee house. Lo, there was a play about to begin! So we got in on our first Christmas play for the year. That was cool.

On Sunday we took our 3 oldest kids and two of their friends to The Littlest Wiseman. It was incredible! 

Last evening we drove to Burleson and took in a live nativity (including sheep, donkey, and camel!), bounce houses, cookies and hot chocolate, and a hayride. (Put on by a Baptist church) Very cool!

And next week is our Co-op Christmas party…and so on. I thrill to the music, the lights, and the joy. At this point I’m not sure I’ll be tired of Christmas by the time January arrives, but we’ll see. 😉 

May your days be bright!