I know. I’m so far behind on pictures I have no idea where to start. But let’s give it a go…

Not every day you have such cool lawn furniture! 

He loooves to help with laundry. 


I just love this little ball of sweetness.

So, I keep seeing these darling dresses on Zulily. They have layers of ruffles in different patterns. I decided hey, I can make some! I have all manner of print fabrics from a friend. So I spent a whole day on it. And I don’t like them. 🙁 The vintage fabrics just don’t go with those modern tops! 🙁 I could snip the mesh gold off the shirts, but I’m afraid the twins would notice and go ballistic. So…there they are. The dresses I spent a whole day on, and don’t like. Let that be a lesson. (Sorry the pic is so fuzzy.)

Gettin’ back to the earth.

She designed and made (with tape) a dress for herself. 🙂

Turmeric ginger toddy. Chasin’ those bugs away!

November is one of the most beautiful times of the year here. (Weather wise.)

Craigs parents came for a visit and so we got to go on a date one evening while they stayed with the kids! (I very much dislike the color red on me. Amen.)

We got the most amazing Mediterranean food. 


More love.

She loooves avocado!

A $15 stretched canvas off of Amazon. We had fun with it!

This blanket goes out here about every day!

Eating a cupcake is serious business.

We are all about painting around here…

Ooooh. Dirt!

Before and after using olive oil on their hair. I cannot do their hair without it. It is a terror to comb out and gets so dry! I put olive oil and water into a spray bottle, shake, spray. It makes their hair lovely. I don’t use shampoo on their hair so their scalp doesn’t produce much oil. 

We had a lovely time with Will and Rosina’s family here last weekend! So fun to have friends come visit us.

Just melt my very soul. 

I’m loving my living room!

Thanksgiving Day! We were struggling with colds, so we stayed home. Here I am reading the Thanksgiving story to them. 

We made gingerbread…

…and took the kids to the park over the fence from us. It was so beautiful outside!

We revamped last year’s homemade Christmas tree into a new one this year. I need to get a picture of it. It’s 2 greenery garlands wound around a Costco vinegar bottle. 🙂 🙂 Squat, but makes the kids happy!

I’m reading this book! And my life, and my kids lives are changing…

We had a super fun evening where we took the kids to the park for Whistle Stop Christmas’ kick-off. So fun!

A Hundred Kids. 

I love Costco. Love it. Craig and I have tried to understand this. Because he thinks it’s a huge, warehousey, random store. Like, you can get new tires on your vehicle while you buy clothes and hummus. Well yes! But it’s heaven. Because you never know what darling clothes will be there. And it is full of affordable organic and natural foods. And good produce. I love it there. It is so exciting when I get to go. 🙂 

My husband is the owner of three businesses. Two of them are seasonal, so now it’s Story Pro. He does photo and video shoots for businesses’ social media pages. It’s fantastic advertising. He also writes up stories to go with the video and photos. He is really good, and it’s putting food on the table. 

(All three businesses are in the beginning stages. That’s why we are not driving a BMW. Amen.)

He’s cool. 

Talia’s heart of sunshine…

The night he took the boys…

This personality. It’s real. 🙂 

Making that food budget count!

They spend hours on this rope swing. Hours. 

Time to hit the potty training! 

I was dreading it for good reason: Besides being my all time least favorite part of motherhood, Enzo is stubborn and complicated. 🙂 Here’s what I learned: people can give you all the pointers, but you need to find your own way with your own child. I could not take him to the potty every hour, much less every 15 minutes! (And yes, I gave him his favorite beverages.) He has an enormous tank, and that is the reason he is already dry some nights! But he got frustrated trying to pee when there was no way he could. So I had to let him learn the hard way. We had some wet carpets. Plenty of poop in places it is not meant to be. But he learned. And is still learning, but we are definitely over the worst of it! 

Craig spent a week in November in Kansas working on my brother-in-law’s roof. He took the twins with him as it was their turn to go visit grandpas! 


So I got to spend time with my boys.

And I sewed all week long. Talia needed winter dresses, so I raided my fabric boxes!

This one was getting pretty close to fun to sew…

Two hours into the week, we hit a snag. Bomani was bored out of his mind! WHAT was I going to do with him for a week, without his sisters?!! So I sat down and worked my brain. Then I hauled the kids to Walmart and bought him acrylic paints and brushes. He was thrilled and spent a lot of time painting that week. 

This was my first, trial dress for Talia. 

Meanwhile, Craig transformed a roof.

And the twins had a super fun week!

Bomani sold one painting! 

His drawings blow me away. 

Were we ever happy to all be together again!

This guy loves puzzles. 

And there we are. 🙂 

Snippets of our lives. 

May your December be one of blessing with enough rest to truly enjoy the crazy! 🙂