Ladies of the world! I have a book to share with you! 

I have not only enjoyed the delightful, excellent, and sometimes hilarious chapters in this book. I have also cried. I have laughed. I have, as you can see by checking several blog posts ago, raced for my computer to pour out my heart on my blog. I am not only entertained. 

I am deeply blessed.

I am changed.

There is the normal everyday ~ in this book.

And there is the excruciating. The painful. The exciting. The delightful. 

There are things everyone needs to read. Because then you know you are not alone. We are together in this thing called life.

I already created an entire blog post on food. Meals. That sounds mundane. But really, it’s about the quiet, almost painful service we mothers pour out every day. Every single day. And how to God, this is a service of intense love. And He sees it.

I’m going to give you just a few quotes from this book yet…

In her chapter The Minister’s Wife, Dorcas wrote honestly of her own life, and at the end, brought us to this conclusion…

We would love to fix the world by distributing perfect solutions at arm’s length, but what people really need is for us to walk beside them until they figure life out for themselves.

So true. We may feel inadequate for each others’ deep pain. Questions. Life perplexities. Traumas. But the truth is, God gave us ~ each other. He knew we would need someone to walk alongside our hearts. So He provided that. <3

And lastly, in her chapter Generations of Fearless Women, we come to this freeing, oh-so freeing truth:

Rather than focusing on detailed parenting methods, we should all be seeking to be the best people possible –the bravest, the kindest, the most grateful and joyous and thoughtful.

Thank You, Jesus! I can do that! I can’t remember all the detailed parenting helps. But I can change and learn and grow more and more like my Father. That actually gave me much hope and joy.

And so I will leave you with these small snippets. 🙂 

(I want to make sure I mention that this is a story book. It’s not simply a “self help” book…it is full of stories of real life!)

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Also, to purchase Fragrant Whiffs of Joy, order the book from Dorcas Smucker at 31148 Substation Drive, Harrisburg, OR 97446. Books are $12 each plus $2 postage. Checks or PayPal accepted. (

Be blessed!


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