I am going to be reviewing a new book for an amazing, renowned author. Today I started reading the manuscript, even though the hard copy is not yet finished printing. I got to chapter two. And I’m here in bed, supposed to be taking a desperately needed nap –crying.


Let’s back up.

I love cooking and baking. Ya probably know that. If my house is clean and quiet, and I have some time, my first thoughts are…what beautiful, delicious food could I make…? 

Craig likes this about me. And I love about him ~ that he loves my food. And it makes him happy. Win win!

But life comes crashing in…even for those of us who love the kitchen. 

Every day. You need to stay on top of food every day. Or it will come and bite you. Maybe not so much if you have one husband to take care of. But if you have any more mouths than that, food begins to subtly take a serious chunk out of your days. And really, even if it’s just you in the house! If you don’t bake and cook, you soon start to see your money going out the door and your nutrition going with it.

There are times when I honestly despair. 

And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of moms out there who feel just like me.

I just went to Costco! This should mean that I won’t need to grocery shop for a month! How is it that my kids think there is nothing in the house to eat?!!

Grocery shopping–the first step, is exhausting. I know that for many of us, it’s our ticket out of the house and often by ourselves. This is fun! Until you go to Aldi, fill your cart to the very top, touch each item again as you place it on the counter. Pack every small bit into large bags. Plan your next chiropractor visit as you heave them into your trunk. Pray your husband will be home to unload. He isn’t. So you unload. Then you stand there, in your unrecognizable kitchen, feeling too exhausted for words. Instead of passing out on the couch, you gently pull out every one of those 569 items and put them away. In their places. 

Then it’s dinnertime. And you still need to…cook.

And if you don’t bake something healthy, both you and your husband will cave at bedtime and eat store-bought cereal with the kids. But hey, at least the milk is raw…

It’s unending. Unrelenting. Food for the kids. Food for mom. Food for dad on the road. Baby is starting to eat food? Food for baby. 

And you care about nutrition. And you have a budget. And you are busy. Like, busy.

Today I was reminded, lovely friends, that food is love. 

It’s not throwing bread on the floor and saying, “get it when you’re hungry”. (Sort of what I do sometimes.) It’s nourishing those you love. It’s giving. It’s loving. 

It’s about relationship. Serving. Fun. Beauty. 

It’s so important.

Not in the way that makes you feel like you fail. No. It’s important in the way that ~ whatever you do, know that it is important. Know that it is love.

If it is chicken nuggets from Aldi, outside, with a bowl of ketchup to share, it’s love. It’s what you can do that day, and it’s love.

If you spend three hours making a beautiful dessert for your husband that will also nourish his health, that is love. 

If you buy ice cream and carefully dip it into a large goblet, with a drizzle of caramel over the top, and take it to him as he sighs with relaxation on the couch, that’s love.

It’s not about feeling guilt when you give your kids bagels. From the store. It’s not spending all day in the kitchen. That’s not what this is about.

It’s knowing that whatever you do, big or small…it’s enough, and it’s good, and it’s love.

Moms, you are amazing. You work so hard to love your family with food. The next time you chug-chug-chug up to the counter at the grocery store, know that God is watching. He sees your love. And He is saying thank you. You are loving My children.