Like, for instance, the night I returned from my Ohio trip, Talia started with a fever. The fever was high and lasted a solid two days, coming back after breaking on the third day to last that afternoon and night. I was already tired, but this totally finished me. I was ready to take her to see our pediatrician when she suddenly was well! Then the rash broke out and I knew it was Roseola. There is no rash until after the fever leaves. So then you’re like…ohhhhh. Okay.

The next week both Enzo and Talia came down with a nasty cold. Enzo had fever with it. I was up night after night with him because he was congested and couldn’t sleep well! Talia slept better but was still sick. I was ready to throw back my head and sleep for a solid week.

Instead, I planned, struggled, danced, and executed a really fun cooking class on Wednesday! I baked 9 small, black bean chocolate cakes in the shape of a small bowl from my mom. Since I only had one ovenproof bowl in this size, I baked them separately. I turned the oven on at 10:00 am and turned it off after 9:00 pm. Haha! Okay, yes…we did break for a chiropractor run in the afternoon.

The reason for the bowl cakes was this:

Princess cakes! For cooking class, the girls whipped up frosting, colored it, and decorated their own cakes. It was terribly fun. I drank coffee and was buzzed until about midnight that night. But we got ‘er done.

I’m laughing a bit here. Because I’m doing this thing of making myself sound amazing. And really, I’m not. Haha! I don’t pack my husband lunches, even though he wants to eat healthy and leaves the house at like 5:00 or so in the morning to beat traffic on his way to the North Fort Worth roofing job. I don’t do much in the way of homeschool right now. My kids are learning, but that’s because of other things, not me. I watch Call the Midwife instead of reading inspirational books. I buy socks for my hundred kids on Amazon because I’m too (lazy) tired to go shop the deals in-store. I buy huge bagels at Costco to fill up my kids tummies.

Okay? Just keeping things in perspective. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

But the last weeks really have been crazy. Without even going places. Just here at home. To seal this point, let me tell you this: I haven’t spray-painted anything the entire two weeks.

Oh. Except for my lemongrass planter. Haha! I did do that, I guess. It was an old chicken feeder and works perfectly!


Honestly, spiritually this has not been an amazing two weeks. Day after day I would sleep as late as possible, the bigger kids getting up whenever they woke up, and even Enzo climbing out of his crib and coming out with them. I would haul into my day or sit at my desk in a haze, trying to pray. I started feeling this guilt. “God, I’m sorry…I haven’t been…close to You…” and I’d feel bad so I would pray even less. Then one day I realized it: I’m the loser here! Not God! I mean, He wants to be close to me and walk with me…He really longs to! But I’m the one who loses when I walk alone. So that was cool. No guilt. No shame. Just…comin’ back. <3

That’s about what life has been here. Stay tuned in the next month for a fun give-away! (hint: you can read it.)

And maybe just a few more pics here…

Peace on your week! <3