I haven’t posted for weeks. I know this…it’s in the back of my mind. But life happened. We are re-decorating and painting our living room. Bits of school with three first graders. Homeschool Co-op began, in which I am heading up a cooking class. 

And the hundred kids are still here. Grocery gobbling. Growing. Needing direction. Love.

So there you have it.

Oh yeah, a husband too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I hear the blog posts screaming…he shouldn’t come last! Haha! He doesn’t.) 

And last weekend I was sick with a stomach virus a bunch of us caught after co-op. This weekend Craig landed in bed with the same thing. It was about as bad to have him sick as be sick myself. I really, really need the break he gives me on the weekend. So now I’m needing to lean on the Lord not to head into the week on E…


Life is actually good. 🙂 We are blessed to have a roofing job again! And Craig still has plenty of work doing social media shoots and video for Ulrich Barns. Talia keeps being the sweetest thing e-ver.


I was going to post a recipe I made the other day. I actually took it down as I made it. 🙂 

And I have a living room update post in my head.

But today grief struck. And I find myself frozen in space and time. 

My mom’s sister Mary has encephalitis and a few other complications and things, and long story short, in about a week’s time, has been moved to hospice. I wasn’t quite prepared for the grief that came in a wave today. Missing mom. So much. 

Mom and her three sisters had a special bond. Even after they were all moms with grown kids, they would still meet from four different states for a day together. The three sisters came to visit mom when she was in her last months. They are special.

Thanks for listening to my rambles tonight. 🙂

The week ahead is looking veeery full, so hopefully after the rush of the next few days I will be able to post some pictures and updates!