I have only, in the more recent years of my life, learned that I cannot carry the weight of the sorrow of the world on my shoulders. Or more accurately, in my heart. Having spent 6 of my young adult years living in Africa, it would have done me much good had I learned this quite a bit sooner. So many times there, I had no idea what to do with the pain I felt for those around me. The unfairness and gut-wrenching evil in the world. The cries of my close friends as they lost family members. No idea.

There are still times today when something hits me so hard that I can only spread my hands out to God, crying…with my heart laid out in front of Him. A broken heart He never despises. 

With all the talk of child abduction for sex slavery, and the instances that moms in grocery stores felt themselves stalked and their kids in danger…well, I’m never sure what to do with that. Fear is not from God. Ever. But taking caution and wisdom definitely can be! I rarely take my kids to the store. Not only for that reason…it’s just beyond crazy to haul 5 kids around and keep them all from wandering off and touching things and begging for things. 🙂 

But for some reason recently, this whole thing really hit me. The thought of my babies being taken and abused and destroyed…it defied anything I could imagine. Determined not to walk and live in fear, I took my screaming heart to God…crying out for the babies who are confused, broken, and dying inside. 

The pain nearly killed me. And I can’t imagine what it does to God’s heart. 

But I had to let it go. I need to survive on this earth. And God doesn’t create us to carry the weight of the sorrow in the world indefinitely.

Then Hurricane Harvey Hit.

I really want to put photos into this post, but I don’t want to steal them. So please take a minute to click on this page. It has a picture of life in South Texas that will stun you to the core.

Hurricane Harvery in Pictures

There are horrible events and weather conditions the world over. But this is in my back yard. These are my people. The devastation and peril is overwhelming. And it’s so easy to think, what are you guys doing in that place?!! Why did you not leave???!!! I know what we would have done. We would probably have driven to KS before it hit. We have family there. We would be taken care of. We have places to go. 

A lot of these people don’t have places to go. 

And the traffic and danger of a city driving off…can be a lot worse than anything we can imagine.

But even so, there is no judgement. Only sorrow. Pain. 

And lifting my hands to my Father…crying out for all the babies. For all the elderly, sitting in waist deep water, waiting for rescue. For everyone. 

God is going to take this horrible thing, and He is going to use it for good. He is not turning His back on Texas. Texas is about to see revival. 

I don’t believe God is punishing us. I don’t understand things. I just know God is moving and working powerfully. 

Not only Americans, but also those from other countries are pouring in hope and help. So cool.

Most of all, may we see and know Father God.