Tiny Girl Boutique

At this point, it is only a facebook store. But if this takes off, someday we will have an online store apart from facebook.

I don’t know if I wrote about this earlier or not! Craig and I brainstormed for a month or two, and then once the big trip East was over and I caught my breath (a bit), I sewed up 5 skirted bodysuits and they are for sale, testing the waters to see if there is a market for this! My dream is to create a Boutique featuring the skirted bodysuit as the main item. I love designing and I have a specific style. As it would grow, we would add a few accessories like leg warmers, hair bands to match, etc. And we would eventually go up to 6T, with after 18 or 24 months of course, using a non-bodysuit dress, but still matching the baby dresses exactly. I think it would be really fun to dress all my girls alike, whether they are 3 mo, 2 years, and 5 years…or whatever their ages!

If this goes forward, I will source at least the bodysuits straight from a factory in China. I might hire local seamstresses to sew the skirts on here, or I might have the entire skirted bodysuit made in China. We’ll see. One thing I won’t do is sew them myself. 🙂 🙂 But I love designing, and Craig and I love selling. So up to God–He will show us if this is a good plan for us or not!

I’ll post pictures of the bodysuits here as well, for those of you who aren’t on facebook. They are $15 each, and if you are not local, add $5 for shipping. (plus tax) Talia can obviously fit into all of them, and she is 7 months old. But most of the bodysuits are sized at 9 months. Two of them are more like 9-12 months. I find sizing difficult, as babies are so varied in their sizes! 

Craig does professional photography and writing for Ulrich Barns’ social media pages. It was cool to have his skills to help with this photo shoot and writing and developing my page! I’m going to have a hard time not posting 100 pictures of Talia on here. She was soooo darling! The two skirted bodysuits that are a bit bigger are Vintage Girl, and The Doll Baby.

Enjoy! And let me know if you would like to purchase one. 🙂 (But no pressure…we need to know for real if there is a niche market out there for this!) 🙂


Dainty in Green




Spring Flowers


Vintage Girl


The Doll Baby