He says that God causes the sun to shine on the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust.

You can ask then…is rain a good or a bad thing? We need rain to survive on the earth! But many of us love sunshine and blue skies…

Rain. Do you desire Rain? 

Craig and I called her Talia Rain. 

Because this is a time in our life where we are experiencing rain. From God. 

Talia means “dew from God”. Talia in and of herself is rain from heaven. Besides being a little angel in every way, just her presence is such a gift. She brings so much joy and peace with her little self. <3

But there’s more. We felt, as we sat down on our date at the Lighthouse Coffeehouse, where we go to name our babies when we near the end of the last trimester, that this time coming up in our life ~ is one of rain. Rain from God. 

It has been. So much. It has been the most intensely blessed time in both of our lives separately, and our life together. And at the same time, in other ways, it has been rain…with us longing for blue skies and the wind on our faces. 

I’m not actually making a lot of sense. 🙂 It’s pretty personal. But while we have been waiting, seeking, and working…wondering what God has for us in our business, with our future, with our finances…at the very same time, spiritual breakthrough and growth and such closeness with the Father that we never knew possible…has been raining into our souls.

When I come to God, I overflow with gratefulness. Even while we are left with $50 in our bank account! It’s almost weird! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (We have more than that now, but there was a point where we were there!!)


Gentle, refreshing, revitalizing, cooling…growing. This time of rain is an incredible gift from God.

I will never be able to look back with anything other than deep thankfulness. 

And then…life goes on. 🙂 It’s actually been so crazy here the last week, I started to crash last night. Okay, before last night…

We have been working toward #safari2017! This is going to begin next Tuesday for us. Part of my family has already started the party! All the Kuepfer Kids are converging upon Dad and Mary and the rest of the Eastern siblings, as we meet together to party hard and get Titus married off to a most amazing, young lady, Brenna Wright. We are terribly excited. 🙂 

And I have been sewing–all week. This is in addition to a ton of sewing my friend, Tina did for me! I got into this *perfectionism* mode, which isn’t at all helpful…except for the end result. 🙂 I did every sewing project I wanted done for this trip. I worked my tail off coming up with wedding outfits for each of us, on an extreme budget. I planned. I stressed. 🙁 I tried to keep up with the normal housework in the meantime. It’s hot outside. Mosquitoes. Chiggers. Which means the kids are inside…trashing the house beyond anything you can imagine. (Yes, they do clean up…but that in itself can be a huge job for me to oversee!)

And Craig has been working double time. He is doing social media shoots and interviews and write-ups for Ulrich Barns. This is keeping us afloat, and we are so grateful! But he does this in addition to inspections on roofs and bids and such things. Which we are also grateful for!

But I need my husband. I need him, like…double right now. 

Don’t let these pictures trick you. 🙂 I don’t record those screaming, fighting, “mom, we’re bored!” moments. I just don’t think of grabbing the camera in those times! 🙂 

The “going thing” right now is to make your own board games, then play them together! It’s actually pretty cool. 

But these times I do record? I’m either melting in a puddle of love, or laughing my head off, or just…overflowing with gratefulness for these kids of ours!

(He came up to me and said, “cuddle me.” Haha! Yes, sir…command man.)

Daisy told me, “I want to pick something beautiful for mama. Because I love her so much. Even when she’s mad at me!” (Uh, oh…mom needs to recalibrate!)

Daisy drew the Wild Kratts and the tortuga. 🙂

Last night I crashed. BAD. I can’t do this! I’m going to start this trip off on E! How is that going to help anyone? I was overtired. Like seriously. So of course, this morning things were much better. Even so, I put Sound of Music on for the kids, and am taking a long, slow, deeply satisfying quiet time out here. 

By myself.


God has a good way for us to live.

He is always good.

Always full of love and wisdom.

And always pouring it out to us. Never withholding. Always generous. 

He went away that He could send us the Holy Spirit–He said it is better that He goes! The Holy Spirit will baptize us, fill us…and bring a power that otherwise, we would not have! He will bring gifts. A quality of life that we could never deserve. Never work hard enough for. Never be perfect enough to even ask for.

But He just gives.

He gives us a gift. And we can rest. Relax. And just receive.

Be blessed this weekend! And be on the lookout for a post on #safari2017! (Sometime in the next year.)