I’m going to try to put *on paper*…what has happened inside. 🙂 Not easy. But I really want to, so here goes…

Many of you know that we have been working on growing and establishing our own business–in the commercial roofing industry. There is a great market here in DFW. Craig thrives at this! We tightened our belts and took the plunge. Okay, multiple plunges. Over the past two years we have prayed, agonized, worked, invested, listened to God, worked…and…

Today it’s summer in DFW and we have no jobs. We are not on the streets. 🙂 But things are not going the way we really believed they would. And we don’t know why. Except for a few ideas…one being that yeah. It’s just hard to establish a good, thriving business. And it takes years.

But in the meantime…God has been working inside us. So much.

And one area is in the poverty mindset thing. 

I knew about this. If you have a poverty mindset, and you are constantly saying things like, we’re never going to get ahead! Or I just don’t have enough money this week…I never have enough. Or something always happens to take any extra… That’s a poverty mindset. And the things we speak into existence make an impact in the spiritual world. That’s a Scriptural principle. 

I’m not saying that we can sit on our butts and say I will be rich and wealthy…and it happens. Not that.

Just that what we say really affects life. And more, what we believe and what we think in our hearts.

I knew this! And I guarded against it. I saw it in others. I cringed when I’d hear them or see them say something out of this mindset. And I was like…nope, not me–I ain’t goin’ there!

The other day I prayed that God would show me any agreements I have made with the enemy. Just wanting more and more cleansing in my life. And God is 100% faithful. Always!

Later that day, Craig read something to me off of someone’s post on facebook or somewhere. It was about gratitude and how grumping about lack of money and being upset at needing to buy things really brought poverty to these people. And how when that changed in their hearts, the poverty changed. Nothing really outwardly necessarily, just…yeah. Things changed. Somehow.

And I started thinking, and praying. I really thought I was guarding against this poverty mindset thing. But my eyes were opened! I heard myself telling the kids over and over…we don’t have money right now. Can’t get that. We don’t have enough money…we don’t…

I thought about our crumbling, faux leather couch, and how I have said, I hate that couch! I thought of how I go to town to get food that we need, and cringe and feel awful and scream inwardly, waiting and waiting for that relaxation of finances. My thoughts. They have become more and more frustrated. Angry at times. Weary.

And so yesterday I manned up. I sat up and said, “Those thoughts, those words, those things in my heart–go back where you came from. Get out. I repent of that, I renounce that junk, and I accept Your forgiveness, Father God! Thank You! We are rich! We are so, so blessed…”

And my heart filled up with that blessing. Like, seriously, everything changed. I felt incredibly rich. I looked around…gratitude just filled my soul. We are so blessed! I was not just saying the words. It was bubbling out of my soul…the same soul that had been weary and poor moments before. Nothing had changed in our bank account. No large jobs had suddenly come in. But seriously, So blessed…so excited! So rich.

Be blessed out of His abundance today!!