What a week (or two) it has been! Let me tell you about it. 🙂

So, our Homeschool Co-op is now finished for the summer, and our big program presentation was planned for Saturday, June 10th! We invited Shane and Dorcas’ family down for the weekend, to take this in, but also just to hang out and visit us! This was huge excitement around here. It had been years since they had been down, and our lives have changed dramatically. So to have them come and see our lives was really special. I went into high planning gear. 🙂 Dorcas brought like half of the food, so I really didn’t have a lot to prepare! What I did have to work on, however, was…


So, included in the Co-op presentation was an auction for a children’s home in Mexico. I had literally nothing here that was nice and new, and I wasn’t using it. 🙂 I mean, I use what I have in my house! So I decided to bake! I chose two cakes, one–a four-layer white bean cake, with real chocolate ganache between each layer, and chocolate icing poured over the top. Two–a black bean princess cake, using the ceramic princess I had used two years ago for one of the twins’ birthday cakes. As I contemplated these cakes, I felt very much that they needed cake stands! I mean, how fun is it to take a cake home in a cardboard box? Or worse, plastic? 🙂

I struggled around online. Everything was waaaay out of budget. Then pinterest hit me. Ahhhh. Yes! I ran to Goodwill that very night, even though I was so exhausted from a Co-op day, that I could hardly see straight. 🙂 And I found, at our pitiful, little Cleburne Goodwill, inspiration…

A tart pan. A candlestick. A plate…eeek!  Craig used his roofing adhesive to secure them, and all it took was a couple coats of spray-paint, and ta-da…!

The blue took my heart away…

In the meantime, another inspiration struck. 

You all know I dislike sewing. By the time I was done being Mennonite, I was completely sewed out. And before then, I didn’t just love it. But now, I have so, so many interruptions! I mean, seriously. So many. 

But I needed clothes for Talia. She is growing like nobody’s business. 6 months of age, and filling out 9 month clothes. But I’m picky! I like skirted bodysuits. Love them. I like wearing dresses on her, but I like her diaper secure! These are not just a couple dollars though. And we are traveling in July, so I need nice clothes for her! I’m really glad I know how to sew, because in times like these, it comes in awfully handy. (Thank you, mom!!) 

I went to Walmart. Bought a set of three bodysuits, on sale, for $4. Came home. Rummaged a pile of fabric scraps. Craig’s shirt. Etc. 

Ran back to Wal-mart. Because I needed elastic thread. Otherwise baby can’t get into it! Then I sewed skirts to bodysuits…

First one! And yes, I had to take out a seam two seams into it…but I kept at it!

My brown-eyed beauties!

Oh boy. Can you tell this was Craig’s shirt?! Hahaha!

Rosette to the rescue!

My very all-time favorite. This skirt was a part of a maternity dress I wore. I loved it. Then I repurposed it into like three different dresses for the twins. Out of one of them, I made this. Love it!

Then I stopped. But I want to make two more. Maybe. One will be a dress for the wedding. White. Can’t wait–this was actually sort of fun!

But life came again…full in the face. 🙂 I cleaned up the sewing and hit the cakes…

Four recipes of white vanilla bean cakes! (The kids ate some as cupcakes…and there were lots of trimmings!) 

And the beginning of the Princess Cake!

I was going to decorate both cakes on Friday, but Thursday I got inspired…and so finished the first one. I really, really wanted a slice! 🙂 All of that ganache hardened nicely. I used Lily’s Chocolate chips. 

And the Princess Cake…done!

So fun! I stabilized sweetened, whipped cream with gelatin. The pearls have sugar. Made of sugar, actually. 🙂 But other than that, and the flower bouquet made of sprinkles, the entire cake was sugar free and gluten free.


In the meantime, I read this book. Anyone who is thirsty for Holy Spirit Baptized life–here you are. Amazing read.

And! It was VBS week! Our oldest three attended VBS at The Refuge Church here in Cleburne. It was incredible. They used Supernatural Kids curriculum, and the things the kids learned were just–amazing. We are so grateful!

(Not sure what’s up with the tummy…)

Aren’t they darling? The kids…and the backpacks!

Time out for mom. 🙂

Took the kids to watch a baseball game! Really fun!

Tried my hand at arranging flowers for someone in our church.

Teaching the twins to change a diaper. Talia thought it was funny!

Taking good care of Enzo after church. 🙂

She is sooo kissy!

Chief cake taster.

And then Shane and Dorcas and boys arrived!!!

These two…so cute, and so alike…

The Co-op Presentation kicked off at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon!

It started with a play performed by the drama class.

Bomani was in this class!

The choir class…it took my breath away. And made me cry…

The little girls doing their ribbons…

And then the dance class. Oh my. No words. The dancing to a powerful worship song…it was incredible.

I’m overwhelmed again by God’s goodness!

Then after that, Shanes and us took our 200 kids, and headed to Fort Worth for dinner! We went to our favorite Indian restaurant, India Grill. Amazing food. And so cool–a family owned and operated restaurant, where the mama comes out and loves you and talks with you and touches your baby’s cheeks. Love it!

Here we employed the only babysitter we were able to find…a movie. 🙂

That was so fun! 

This is what I found at 5:00 this evening. 🙂 🙂 We are tired, happy, and so grateful!

Have a blessed week!