Jennifer, you asked why we left the Mennonites…

I’m happy to try to chat about it on my blog. 🙂

When we moved to Texas from Kansas, we joined a BMA church here, which is technically Mennonite. Several years later, the Pastor died, and we clearly knew we needed to find another place to worship and belong. In that time of being 100% open and listening to God, we were simply led away from “Mennonite”. So in a nutshell, that’s how it rolled!

Then the questions start flooding my mind… What is Mennonite? Once a Mennonite, always a Mennonite?

And the biggest question I pose… Does it matter?

Something my heart has been screaming for some time is this: Does it matter what church you belong to? Is one denomination above another? Is there one denomination that “does it all?”…that has first dibs on truth?…that is more accurately following the Bible than other denominations?

I say no. No. NO! That’s what my heart is screaming! I am here to break it gently…that Mennonite doesn’t do it all. They do not practice the entire New Testament. I am actually doubtful that anyone does. We are all learning, growing, becoming more and more into His image from glory to glory! There are things in our present church that my heart overflows with intense gratitude for. There are things that we learned growing up as Mennonites that we still believe and practice. But now, instead of practicing them because we are Mennonites, we do them because we believe that we want to do them. And until we find out differently, we keep doing them. 

I’m not sure what all to write here. I’m happy to email about some more personal things if anyone would like. 🙂 

We want our children to grow up knowing that there are all kinds of Christians. We want them to grow up praying in the Holy Spirit. We want them to grow up, lifting their hands in collective worship with no thought of strangeness. We want them to grow up in the world…but not of it. That’s where Jesus placed us. 

I say that with no disrespect to anyone. I have such high respect for many, many people in all sorts of denominations. This is just where we find ourselves, following the Father’s heart for us, and learning to listen to the Holy Spirit in what He wants of us and where He has us going on this earth. 

I just come back to the cry of Jesus’ heart when He was one earth…

“Father, let them be one, as we are one… bring unity to the believers…”

I don’t care if someone wears dreadlocks, is covered in tattoos, wears a head veil, wears a wedding ring, or doesn’t. If they are a follower of Jesus, baptized with the Holy Spirit, and speaking His Words, I am here to worship and fight together in the Kingdom of God.

That’s where I’m at. 

<3 <3 <3