I’ve been thinking…it would be cool to write a bit about our church! It’s new in our lives in the past year, and so it would be fun to share with you a bit of where God has led us.

So yes, about exactly a year ago, we sat down, looked at each other, and said, where does God want us to fellowship/worship? What local part of the body is for us here, now?

Looking back, I see that all of my anxiety about it, (as is always the case!) was completely unnecessary. God had it all perfectly in order. He had been working in this far ahead of time…

We visited a few different places. We prayed. We waited.

One of the places we visited was the Texas House of Prayer. About a year earlier, we had enrolled our kids in a Homeschool Co-op based out of this church. So being familiar with some of the people there, we decided to visit. And we kept “visiting”. For a while, we went every other Sunday. We were very…careful. We didn’t want to make any mistakes…commit too easily. We weren’t sure if we believed similarly enough to really…work there. 

After a couple months, we said, we need to just go every Sunday. And so we did. It became more and more “home”. The more we took in of their teaching, their lives, their beliefs, the more we began to realize what they really had there. And as we kept attending, God was working in other areas of our lives. We now see that the things we put at the top of the “ladder” in importance, really…are close to the bottom, or not even on the “ladder” at all. I’m seeing that a lot of that stuff is a distraction….a distraction from what God really wants us to focus on. Distractions from the things that are really on God’s heart. We’re still learning and working on all that. But in short, Texas House of Prayer is a gem…hidden away in the sticks of Alvarado. I’m not advertising for them. 🙂 I’m just…rejoicing. I’m just grateful. So, so grateful. Sunday after Sunday, as we sit under Biblical teaching, as we watch their lives, as we soak in the truth, as we worship together…I’m overcome. I sit there and cry sometimes. The gratefulness just…fills my soul.

I’m going to be honest, one of the problems we had was a sort of fear of committing. What if this didn’t work out? What if things went bad? What it their lives really didn’t measure up to the Bible? What if…? So we tread softly. We kept ourselves back from them. We were friendly, but not involved. Finally we got past our fears and doubts. We began to understand some things. 

I’m going to be pretty uh…scarily honest here. We thought we were right. We believed that we practiced more of the Bible than other denominations. Mennonite doctrines, their instruction for new believers…are things usually not included in other denominations. So that’s how we believed. We thought we were right. We had more truth. We had more…of the Bible in our daily lives.

I’m actually really ashamed to admit that out loud. But I’m going to. I’m going to kick that thing out here in the open. We were wrong. And I keep finding out just how wrong I was. 

I have so much to learn. Oh.My. I have so much to learn. I am overwhelmed with how much, and yet so excited. Because God’s got everything we need…and it’s happening. Sunday after Sunday, I just open my ears and my heart and drink. I drink it in. And now we are in a class of instruction for people who might become a part of their group. No membership stuff, just…learning and being discipled, so we can all work together. Today was our first class. And it was on salvation. And I thought I knew it all, but it was so so good…especially thinking of how to help my children understand this. 

So, back to some more about the church! It is a small group, mostly made up of families with young children. So our kids have a large group of friends. 🙂 Mr. Steve, who started the church, is more of an overseer, or mentor, than a pastor. Jason Tate is gifted as a pastor, so he is the pastor. Michael’s gift lies in worship leading, as well as being an elder. And that’s how we roll. You do what you are gifted by Father God to do. There are about six families and a few others in this church. Seven with us. 🙂 Every second Sunday of the month, we have communion and a potluck meal afterwards. Wednesday evenings there is prayer at 6:00, but we haven’t scratched ourselves out to that yet. In a couple weeks, we are going to do a church camp-out. 

Every family with kids in this church is a part of the homeschool co-op. There are about as many families from other churches in the co-op as well. Wednesday after Wednesday, I sit at the co-op, overwhelmed with all the friends God has given me here. We have lived in Texas for 3 years, and some of those were lonely years. I am so so blessed. These moms are of such high quality. 🙂 I love watching them. I love learning from them. I love them!

And another amazing thing I am learning is how the Body of Christ works together. We might do a night of worship with another church. We attend The Refuge church’s vacation Bible school. There is no competition in the Body of Christ. Zero. We work together. We fight together for God’s Kingdom. We don’t do everything the same. We don’t even believe everything alike. This is how we grow! This is how we learn! And in the same breath, I trust our church leaders to know when something is false. Unsafe. Wrong. Steer clear. 

We are currently in a time of remodeling the church building. So we are worshiping in the already remodeled kitchen area. 🙂 

And so there is a bit of info on the Texas House of Prayer, and how God brought us to this place. 

Just grateful.