My belief on this is very simple.


But I’ll go ahead and give some background and a bit of what has been changing in our lives.

There are people who say they are Christians, who take this “word of prophecy”, “hearing from God”, or whatever you want to call it, and they twist it with lies, using it to their own profit. That profit is financial, social, and I honestly don’t know what other kicks they get from it.

It’s also Sin. Wrong. Evil. And one way the devil has used it is this: there are those of us who are so disgusted and freaked out by these things, that we refuse any thing that even hints at “hearing from God today”. 

I am appealing to you today.

I hear from God. My husband hears from God (better than I do). Some of the things I hear from God are not found in Scripture. But neither do they go against Scripture. Here is an example. 

Our three big kids are currently working through’s early learning academy. For a week or more now, Bomani had been trying to tell me that he is stuck at a certain game! It just was too slow. Or something. Being busy and consumed with other things, I thought he was just being picky or not wanting to do something hard. Finally, when he got through his mother’s head that he really cannot go on in the learning path, I studied it out. It really wasn’t working. (They each have a kindle that they work on.) I tried several days. We would get a bit further, but then it would refuse to work! I sent a message to’s contact team. 

Today I sat down with it again, determined to get him past this point so he could continue. I was stumped. WHY did those buttons refuse to respond????? I sat down at our big computer, deciding to work on something else while it sloooowly did it’s thing on the kindle. But then it refused to even work slowly! 🙁

As I sat there, the idea came into my head that I should try it on the big computer. I pulled the game up in Bomani’s profile. It sped through the screen! I called him in. In about 2 minutes he had finished the game, and was very happily collecting his rewards. 

It was not necessarily logical for me to think of this working on the big computer, but not on the kindle. God spoke to me. He put that thought into my head. I was so grateful!

I don’t find that in His written Word. But neither did it tell me to do something sinful. When Craig tells me that he feels that we should go to this certain place this evening, we go. I feel an extreme measure of safety and blessing in my husband’s sensitivity to the voice of Father God.

I feel such an intense gratefulness that God speaks to us today. That I can sit down, talk to God, and listen to Him. I believe His written Word. It is inspired, blessed, and gives so much incredible direction and work in our lives. But if we say that there is nothing more than that–if we say that when people say, “I heard God give me this word for you:…” that they are wrong, that they are unsafe, that this is bogus…I believe that we are missing something essential, key, important, living ~ something God told us in His written Word, that is going to be there for us after He leaves. (Sorry for that long, run-on sentence!)

The Spirit of Truth was sent to teach us all things–to bring things to our remembrance, to guide us into all truth. What is the gift of prophecy, if it is not God speaking to believers???

A more intensely personal part of our story involves this prophesying into our lives by others.

Last year, Craig started being mentored and taught by a Christian businessman. He mentors Craig in business and in heart things. In his first whiteboard session with Melvin, Melvin told Craig a bit of what God has ahead for us. Melvin is very strong in this gifting. We received that and believed it.

But what was very cool, was that the same year, God brought several ladies of God into my life to mentor me. Their prophecies matched Melvin’s. I am new to all this, and so for me, that blew me out of the water. But of course, God can do that! He can speak anything to His children who are listening. 

I am still working this out in my life. I am not very good at hearing. I need to keep killing the lies that come in that say, He won’t say anything to you, and if He does, you aren’t good enough to hear it… Those are lies. Kick them out!

Another amazing way God is working in our lives is through the small church we are a part of. There, the Pastor will stand up and say, “I have this word for someone, you know who you are…” and proceed to tell us what the Holy Spirit had been saying to him. Or he will single one of us out to give us the word from God. I feel so protected. He is listening to God. 

Last week I was having intense struggles in staying strong in faith for things we are waiting on. I fell into a ditch and was paralyzed in my efforts at getting up. Craig was gone Sunday, so I had to take the hundred kids to church in sheets of rain, by myself. I did it. I knew that I needed church…desperately.

God spoke so clearly to me through that service that I was almost offended! (hahaha! Be careful, this ain’t all fun!) I felt knocked upside the head, not comforted in my affliction. 🙂 (Laughing at myself now…) Then I realized…yeah, this is the body of Christ! These are my brothers and sisters, and they are speaking what God is giving to them. And the awesome thing is, I got out of the ditch! Yeah!

I need to go take care of my kids now. So I’ll shut up. For now. I’m so passionate about this, because it has revolutionized our lives…in such a good way. 

And I know so many of you already live this life. (I can be a late bloomer.) I love learning from you!

Be blessed today!