This verse always amazes me…

“By faith in His name, His name has made this man strong, whom you see and know. So the faith that comes through Him has given him this perfect health in front of all of you.

(The story of the lame man who Peter commanded to get up and walk!)

I’m just learning about these things. For most of my life, I would read over these verses in the Bible and think that it was only for that era. But now I know that those verses are for us, today! Especially when I read about how Jesus commanded us to be filled with power, lay our hands on people–and they will be healed, cast out demons, and baptize people.

Here’s a cool story! It will also show you my weakness and how much I am still learning…

Ever since Talia’s birth, my back has been weak, probably due to very little core strength as a result of the pregnancy. (I’m workin’ on that!) I take all my kids to our chiropractor every two weeks, but I have found that I need an adjustment every week, which makes me busy.

Last week I was rearranging some furniture and did it to my back again! So I made an appointment for Friday evening with my chiropractor. In the early hours of Friday morning, I realized that I was coming down with the stomach virus that had been making it’s rounds in our church and our home. 🙁 I was very sick on Friday, and there was no way I could make my appointment.

Saturday I felt much better! But my back was even worse due to the tossing and turning I’d done all day Friday. I took my computer and my phone, and sat down, trying to find a chiropractor open on Saturday. My next appointment with my chiropractor wasn’t until Tuesday! I made a number of calls, but no one would answer, or take me in as a new customer on such short notice. I was becoming more and more frantic. My back really hurt! And nights with my back out were the worst!

Then through my anxious thoughts and heart came the quiet voice of Father God.

“I can heal your back as easily as I can heal any other part of your body.”

I put aside my phone and computer. I laid my hands on my back and commanded it to be healed in Jesus’ Name. Be healed. Be strong. Go back into place. In His Name, and by His stripes…we are healed.

As the day went on, my back improved more and more. Nights were good, and when we went to our chiropractor appointment on Tuesday, she told me that my back was not bad! (It’s often bad.) I wasn’t surprised! I told her my story, and we were happy together.

Not everything my husband and I pray for is healed immediately. There are lots of things I don’t understand. But I’m learning. I want to keep learning. And above all, we will keep believing in our Father and His power and His good, good heart.

Be blessed today.