Okay. I apologize for the sort of crazy title. 🙂

Today as I went down for my (attempt at a) nap, I began thinking about my blog. A jolt of sadness hit me as I realized how long it’s been since I posted. Am I becoming one of those dear souls who decides that facebook and texting and email are enough? Easier? So I just let my blog…slowly…die?

The thought hit me in the face like a slap.

And yet, facebook brought to the top of the milk, the true bloggers. (I’m not suggesting we are the cream…)

Okay. Enough strange, lame, and slightly naughty thoughts…

Back to my (attempt at a) nap.

I lay in bed thinking. That’s when God began showing me what was happening…in His still, small voice.

My blog was stuck in a sort of muddy bog. In a sense, it was safe there. No one questioned it. A few happy, sweet comments trickled in. I told myself that my blog was here to post pictures for family and friends, especially those far away! I told myself that I don’t want to lose readers by becoming too…scary. I talked to myself about being very gentle and careful not to hurt anyone. That was in the past year. Today, I saw a picture of this blog of mine. And it was caught in a bog. Slowing moving. But mostly ~ safe. An illusion of secure and happy.

And the result is simple. It’s not thriving. It’s not really…blessed. No, God is not striking it with lightning. But it ain’t thriving.

Thriving is not the end goal. My goal is this: to walk in obedience, love, and worship to Father God. 

So I’m done being safe and careful. I’m done writing only what I think my readership would be okay with. I’m ready to do what God showed me quite a few months ago, last year–serve Him with my blog.

God has blown our lives out of the water in the past year, and I’m ready to share, on here, the things He has been doing. Or just whatever He wants me to write. I don’t even know where this is going. Maybe things won’t even change that much on here! But inside of me, yes ma’am! We’re different! We gonna’ serve God with our fingers on the keyboard! No longer mince words and pander around. 

I will be writing what I believe. Always. Keeping in mind that many of us believe differently, and we are still followers of Jesus. I’m putting this in stone here ~ it’s okay if we differ in our thoughts and beliefs. We are all on our own journeys. I have so much to learn. So much to keep changing. This is simply my words…as I go.

May God be honored ~ Always!