Chef Annabelle with a tasty treat for Bomani to try. (Yes. A diaper on her head…)

After all the fun of sourdough and catching the wild yeasts of the air, I have settled into buying sprouted wheat flour off of Amazon and baking it the easy way. Mostly because my kids will eat this. 🙂 If anyone knows how I can buy a 25 lb. sack of sprouted wheat flour, let me know! 

I love Texas. I love Texas fall, winter, and spring. Summer can get…a bit hot. 🙂 

Friends. Always.

My doll baby. 

He likes to run away when I need to change his diaper or put him to bed! The best way to get him out of here fast is to take a picture of him. 

Cuz then he comes hauling out to see it! 🙂 

Craig went fishing with some of the guys from church! So I made tarter sauce, sweet potato fries, and green bean fries to go with it.

This pretty much describes how Enzo feels about Talia. 🙂 He adores her, and when she wiggles around beside him, he thinks it’s terribly funny!


She fell asleep holding one of her toys. 🙂 

My favorite way to use mozzarella cheese dough is around hot dogs to make corn dogs!

Very blurry picture, but I love it. Hazel can play for hours by herself, talking and making up stories. 

(P.S. I got a new phone! Sadly, my Christmas gift phone started having major issues. But my new phone has a better camera and I love it! I just need to learn how to utilize all it’s features. I love photography, but have never spent the time and effort to understand it all.)

Just hold my breath and trust the Lord as I transition Talia to the floor. She loves lying on the floor watching everything!

He is *usually gentle. 🙂

Those cheeks!

Found twin babies in my crib. 🙂

Enzo was sick for a couple days. I had to hold him most of the time he was awake. It was challenging. 🙂 

Briana Thomas’ cheesecake recipe is amazing!

Sometimes I can hardly take my own nap cuz I just want to watch her sleep…

The usual sight when we get up in the morning. She may be sleeping, but she is still “up first!” 

It was some sort of Asian Chicken wrapped in lettuce leaves. Delicious.

Craig takes one kid (or two as we see!) out on a date per week. They think it’s awesome! I do too. 

I made the skillet brownies with almond butter and put less cocoa in, but added some caramel extract. It was yummy!

Raspberry custard. The flavors of my childhood.

A really simple but delicious chicken/broccoli dish in the slow cooker. Add chopped fresh ginger and garlic. Add curry powder. Eat a lot. 🙂

So fun to have a garden again this year! We did square foot style again, but put quite a few less tomato plants in, hoping they will produce more. 

THM E breakfast. 


Daisy’s turn for a date! I asked her, before they left, if she was going on a date with dad. She said, “no, we’re just going to a store.” I thought, hmmm… When Craig came home he said that as they walked up to Sweet Frog and she realized it really was a date, she was so excited! <3

I have so much fun with this Baby Doll…sometimes I scare myself… 🙂 🙂 

A cake for my friend, Jennifer.

Our very favorite ice cream–fresh strawberry!

Breakfast. 🙂 

I won’t buy these again. Too hard not to eat them! 🙂

One of our favorite, quick, low carb snacks is a cheese cracker! Spread cheddar onto a piece of parchment paper on a plate and microwave until it begins to look hard. Serve with lots of fresh cilantro from the garden!

Somewhere in there, Craig and I fit… Haha! I love co-sleeping. But when Enzo thinks he needs to finish the night in our bed, it gets full!

Coconut Poke Cake. 

My favorite childhood snack for breakfast: buttered toast strips with hot chocolate. I did not eat a bite. 🙂 

A very quick cake after we returned from Waco on Friday! He liked it. 🙂 The only thing was, I seem to have put salt into the cake instead of stevia. It is savory and not a bit sweet! Haha!

He loves music videos. Amen. 

I call her “My Dancin’ Daisy”. 

Bringing an armload of flowers!

Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. 

And there’s a peek into our lives. Here is hoping for better quality photos and that I will update more often instead of this overload! 🙂