So, yes. I dislike (mildly stated) Facebook. Always have. Always will. But…drum roll…I’m on. For one reason.


But I have no friends. (Except in real life) And the only places I go are the THM spaces and places! I now have access to amazing recipes, ideas, experiences, and encouragement. Not to mention a community around the world, of people who love and live this way of eating.

So. I’m on Facebook. Yes, you may chortle, grin, and give me whatever hard time you wish. 🙂

So, recently I got on again and kept seeing this The Shrinker thing coming up! Cool! A new beverage! I love drinks. I’ve done a good deal of GGMS. (Good Girl Moonshine) And although I don’t always just run for it, I do enjoy it. It also has a way of hydrating me that I have found with nothing else. I am always thirsty on Sunday afternoons. This comes from not drinking much water all morning at church. And then coming home starving and eating a salty, amazing lunch. And then taking a nap! A hearty cup or two of GGMS never fails to hydrate me and make me feel amazing.

But what of this The Shrinker?

It really began to intrigue me. It is comprised of Oolong Tea, Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Stevia.

I studied up on Oolong Tea. Woe. Possibly it does cause you to lose weight! Not to mention that we love high quality, loose leaf teas. So finally we sent off for some.

We find our Loose Leaf Teas at Darlene’s Tea Port out of Wichita. We absolutely love her Lung Ching Green Tea. And so we studied her Oolong varieties and settled on Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea.


It arrived today. We brewed some in our little teapot, and it was incredible. It has a slight flower scent to it, orchid like, as they describe it. It is delicious. So cool! We’ll definitely be drinking this hot as well as in my upcoming The Shrinker!


The difference in Oolong Teas and Green Teas is the processing. Green Teas are heated to halt oxidization, then rolled, intentionally breaking the cell structure. Oolong Teas are plucked, kept under carefully controlled conditions, and allowed to oxidize. Most of the cell structure in the leaves is kept intact. The differences in processing bring different benefits to the drinkers of tea.

And for some wild reason, of which I am not going to try and detail here, Oolong Tea tells your body to burn fat. I like that! And, I love the flavor! Thus…The Shrinker has come to our house.

As I do not like drinking anything with powder in it, I don’t use ground cinnamon or cayenne. I simmer cinnamon sticks and a dried, hot pepper, in water.


After it has simmered for up to a couple hours, I steep my Oolong Tea in the hot water. Then, I add Almond Milk or Real Milk, and Stevia to taste! I have a lovely liquid stevia that I made myself. I cooked dried stevia leaves in water until it was dark and strong. It has much less of the aftertaste than my purchased, powdered variety does. Which means that I may need to streamline this and figure out a way to use only liquid.


I was so excited about The Shrinker, so thirsty for it, and so excited about our life right now, that I could not take my nap, even though I was very tired from a long walk pushing three kids in a stroller this morning. So I got up and made it.


And immediately drank a whole pint of it down, before my ice cubes were ever solid in my tiny freezer compartment which is currently so full of meat that I have to search for anything else.

Mmmmm. I love it. Addicted is the word. See, after sort of growing up in Africa, I am a die hard thick, milk tea drinker. I only quit when I quit wanting sugar rushes every morning. But this? Lovely! It’s a cold milk tea drink, and I am so excited to add it to my healthy and delicious beverage portfolio! (I know, that world doesn’t really fit there. But it sounds so professional.)


And then, there is The Curtain.


I made these curtains after we were married, in our 9 months of living in The Barn before heading for Thailand. My sister gave me the fabric she didn’t want anymore, and I bought a bit of tan cotton, and made lovely bows to accent the black! I spent quite some time making the boys set straight and perfectly.

Then we went to Thailand.

After we returned, lovely ladies cleaned and prepared our house for us to move back into. But my bows were crooked! And now I’m going to give you a peak into my thought processes. (Something you never get otherwise…hhh)

We will soon be leaving, I have two tiny babies, my operation wound hurts, and I am not getting up on a chair to tweak and tweak those bows.

Today I was jarred by the fact that in two years plus time, I have never straightened those bows, and they have bothered me the entire time.


Because ever since we are back, I have had the feeling that we will leave again.

And now, it seems that the time may actually be creeping upon us. Saturday morning, bright and early, we are heading for Texas and plan to return on Wednesday. Cleburne Christian Fellowship is having meetings, and we want to be there. Also, spending a few week days there will give us a chance to work on job, housing, etc. We are shooting to move in September. As we still have some village/other cultural tendencies in us, we may not know exactly when we will move until very shortly before we do it.

I might straighten my bows before we move.

Just because!

Recently we were asked to go to Nepal for 4-5 months. We were both very excited about the possibility, but the logistics just weren’t working out very smoothly in our minds. And so we deferred the opportunity to others. During that very upheaved week, (dictionary doesn’t think that’s a word), I wrote a blog post which I did not post. 🙂 Here it is:


My Weird, Exotic, and Utterly Exhausting Life

I think long titles are cool.

And be assured I could have added 207 other adjectives.

I am going to complain. Bitterly. Okay?

Five years ago, I married the very most awesome man ever ever! Also happened to be my best friend.

Ever since, I have been on this crazy ride of a life.

On Thursday Norma, my other best friend, was here for tea and hash. (Talking about her life and my life.) I told her that I have come to a conclusion.

I do not know what is ahead.

Upon our arrival home after Craig and my honeymoon, we had an email from IGo asking us to come to Thailand and live in a remote village.

Less than a year later, we were there. Dropped into the very middle of nowhere with not a soul who could speak English.

Two years later, we suddenly found out my mom had advanced cancer, and as I was pregnant with twins, we left in several days time from the very thought of leaving coming upon us.

We never went back. (to live.)

We decide to move to Texas.

We don’t know when, but a growing sense of “looking backwards, I would say it will happen very suddenly” haunted me.

We start taking steps toward actually moving down.

We get an email asking if we’d go to Nepal to fill in for a couple who has visa issues and can return next January. They could use us as soon as next week.

I sit down. Look at Jesus. And say…well, I really don’t know what to say. So I don’t say anything. Then a couple days later I say way too much.

Like seriously.

Last evening I took Homestead Pure to Main Street for Third Thursday. I was happily manning my booth.

A lady asks if I will be there next month for Third Thursday.

I say …”…no…”

“Oh, why?”


“Oh, where to?!”


“Woe! Texas!”

And in my mind I’m saying,

“No, Texas…or Nepal…or Antarctica. We have a burden for the polar bears.”

Get it?

I love exotic. Nepal looks totally wild and crazy and fun but like, after our trip to Thailand in March with three toddlers, I said, never again as long as I am breathing and kicking, will I do that.

And I think I’m breathing, and I’m definitely kicking. And we might do that.

But we also might not. I think might not. There are a hundred other young couples without three kids who would love to go do that.

But I’m just saying…

Could life please hand me something normal? Could I just settle down and live life like a normal person?????!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I have complained in the bitterness of my soul, about a life I actually like.

Some days.

Just not today.


And so there is The Shrinker, My Curtain Bow, and Other Pieces of the This and That of Today