Cuz Why Not?!

On a date in the middle of the day!

At Dwell Coffee & Nosh.


Let’s have some fun! Scroll down carefully. Make a guess as to which baby is in the picture. Then check below the picture for the answer. 🙂 Enjoy!




🙂 They used to sleep nose to nose… Hazel on the left, Daisy on the right.


Talia (So funny…because the twins were preemies, they wore the same clothes as Talia at very different ages! Here Talia is still newborn. They were practically sitting up! They were such tiny babies!)

Daisy (I just want to squeeze her…)



Daisy on the left, Hazel on the right. I think Talia looks the most like Hazel, but she has Daisy’s eyes.


Enzo (Haha! Blue eyes giveaway…)

Aw. I had so much fun photographing these babies! Daisy on the left, with the same expression you will find on her face today. 🙂 Hazel on the right. 🙂


Enzo wearing those signature orange pants! 


And Enzo holding Talia.


The End!

Just Some Morning Thoughts

It’s quiet. I can hear the birds singing outside. (Winter is my current favorite season! Okay, or spring…) In fact, it’s so quiet that I can hear Bomani’s even breathing from the bedroom. 🙂 

I woke up before everyone else…and so my treat is a few quiet hours…

All you moms know how deeply we soak this into our souls. 

How much we love our life. So often, recently, I look at my kids and get this feeling that truly, these are the best days of my life. I don’t put it past God to keep making life better though! Just that…these are glory days. Three kids who play together all day long. A dashing toddler. A darling baby…

And how much we need quiet. By ourselves. Not another voice anywhere near us. But God’s.

(This is when I start to burn the pancakes…aaaahh!)

Alright. So it was more like one quiet hour. 🙂 (as the kids begin dribbling out of their room…)

So…back to the morning thoughts…

As you may have noticed, I have not transferred anything from my facebook page, Wildflowerdays, to this blog. I keep coming back to the feeling that I want this blog to be just that…my blog. And so I will do that! My blog is my space to write whatever comes…to post pictures of our life, to speak passionately about this or that. Or just to ramble, like this morning…


So, along with feeling that these are the best days of my life, I have also noticed that my stomach ulcer has been bothering me again. 🙁 And I realized that I get anxious, throughout the day, about my work load. Ah…that something so simple can become a fear and a sin! There is NO reason to be anxious about anything…instead, we can bring our requests to God. Just sayin’. No matter how fun this life is, it’s a bit crazy about every day. 🙂 But I want to keep learning to rest and do what I can. God doesn’t expect you to do more than He gives you time for! 

The other day, I was sitting down, reading, or just watching my kids, or something. And I felt this tug. Like, I shouldn’t be just sitting here…I have so much work, I really need to keep going! And so I just asked God, do You want me to keep working all the time? And He said, No! You don’t need to work so much; in fact, I want you to just do nothing more often. Okay. 

So where did this come from? This thing that says, we need to be super productive, get a lot accomplished, and rarely sit down and do nothing. Where? Cuz I don’t think it came from God! Hm. I’m still working on this. I feel good about myself when I am productive…when I whip out a meal, baked goods, as well as keep the kids alive, and keep the laundry going, in one forenoon. But truth is, those are the forenoons when I don’t really listen to the kids…when I definitely don’t listen to God’s voice. 

Just ramblings. Yeah. 

Okay, going to shut up on here for now. 🙂

Have a blessed weekend!



Haha! Sorry. Couldn’t resist. That is a true title for what is in my heart to write, but maybe not in the way it may appear. 🙂 

I’m a fairly impulsive person. Sometimes, like the other day, it’s good. Because I know what God wants me to do, and I do it. And I deal with the consequences later. 🙂 But other times, you know, impulsiveness isn’t such a benefit. 🙂 But anyway…

It was hard to deal with posting such a personal part of my journey. But that’s okay. Just letting you know how very human I am…

This morning, I was sitting here reading in Philippians, and I was just…overcome with gratefulness and excitement! Here’s why…and here is the “aftermath” of my repentance on Saturday…

For years, I longed to enjoy reading God’s Word. Morning after morning, I would take down my Bible, read in it, and just…feel resistance. Not sure how to describe it. But it felt like so many words in the Bible were screaming judgement at me. And it would bring pain. And so there I was, reading…in pain. And for some reason, it just wasn’t…alive. It was…hard work. Really hard.

I have been praying for a long time that God would make His Word sweet to me. That I would love reading it. So many time, when I pray for something, I just think God will reach down and answer–make it right! But He is so, so much wiser than anything I can think up. 

And on Saturday, when I repented of the graven image and the vows and the junk in my life with all that, a block between me and sweet fellowship with the Father, left. Gone. And with it…I am opening His Word, and it is so sweet. It is love. It is Truth. I…I just want to read it! 

There has been some painful aftermath. Not gonna’ lie. But that’s when I am wishing for affirmation, approval, and love from people. 

The rest of it has been the sweetest closeness with Father God…and freedom in my soul.

I think a lot of you are freaking out, wondering if I’m now going to “throw out the head veil”, etc. At least according to the anonymous comment I received. 🙂 (P.S. You are welcome to identify yourself to me and we can chat. <3 )

I am still wearing it. For several different reasons. But it is no longer what it used to be. It is not a part of salvation. It is not the way to get to heaven. It is not “the one way I am better than others”. It is not something I take pride in. It is not my protection. 

If you are afraid that I will no longer cover my hair, I beg you to look inside. And ask God, why? Why the fear? Why is it at the top of the list on whether or not I am still saved? 

And I also challenge you: do any of us perfectly follow God? I’m guessing that we each think we do! We feel that we are the ones who interpret Scripture the right way. If you think you are doing it right, then I ask you to please give others the freedom to also be right. And I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about the greater Christian community. 

I’m reading in Philippians these days. And he keeps talking in there about being one. He keeps gently begging them to unify, to work together in the Kingdom. To strive together to spread His Kingdom here. And in John, in His prayer, Jesus longs again and again, for us to be one. As He and the Father are one…

But I’m rambling now. 🙂 Just wanted to write a bit more. And also…yes…

And update on the blog.

I have been a bit sad with how little I am finding the energy and time to post! I’m busy, but not you know, terribly busy! I often sit down and chill. But I have started a facebook page called Wildflowerdays, and it has been taking up my…emotional and mental energy. Or something. 


So I’m going to try and post most of what I write on there, on here! So if there are little blips of posts, that’s why! 

Coming up next…

I am going to post what I have written on the facebook page, in one, long post on here. 





Okay. Time to get off facebook and stop procrastinating. 

Cuz this isn’t going to be the easiest blog post I have ever written. 

I’m not going to get eloquent and wordy. I’m just going to be…to the point, and…honest.

When we left the Beachy world, (Amish, Mennonite…call it what you want), I had two “vows” I made.

*I am going to show the world that I can be “not Beachy” and still cover my head. And I will do it right. And I will do it beautifully.

*I am going to show the world that I can dress modestly, while buying my clothes, not sewing them.

I made these vows both in my heart, and verbally. I remember telling my brother. And others.

It has taken three and a half years. But I heard and saw it clearly today.

My vows were based in determination rooted in pride. Ever, ever so wrong. So sinful.

And I have made a graven image out of my head covering thing. It’s a visual, tangible thing that I do. It keeps me connected to the Father. It keeps me saved and going to heaven.

All lies.

So I’m here…today, to confess this publicly. Because God wants me to. 

And I do it willingly. Because I love my Father. And because there may be others of us who need to hear this.

I found myself crying as I repented of the graven image in my life. Because I saw how deeply my Father wants to have relationship and closeness with me. And how I had this in His place. 

Ah, Father…how I love You. Keep growing me…keep speaking to me…I’m here. Walking with You…

And thank You so much…for patiently working…speaking…pulling my heart to Yours.


It’s An Update

I don’t even want to check how long it’s been since I blogged. *Deep sniff of sadness* 

I just know it’s been long. I’m busy, yes. But maybe more than that, I’m “emotionally busy”. Or mentally tired. So then…I just binge watch Hope Island or read my new book by Rebekah Lyons. Or watch my kids play…

Daisy helping me make bread. There was flour in places I didn’t know existed. But she was sooo happy.

I am pretty strictly a trim, healthy mama these days! I’m just determined not to be fat longer than I have to be. Hahaha! How’s that for some honesty? As we have been eating low carb for years, the S meals are a no brainer for me. But E meals…? HOW can a meal be good with little to no fat in it? But I’m learning. I have one E meal every day. Often it’s cooked oatmeal for breakfast. Then I stir a scoop of collagen into my bowl to up the protein. And add butter to the kids’ oatmeal, as they do not need to lose weight! Okay, so Enzo has a tummy, but he doesn’t need to lose it. 🙂 I like my squishy baby…

Love when Hazel “reads” him stories. 

Co-op continues to be their much anticipated day every two weeks! Bomani is only allowed to ask me “how many days until co-op?” once a day. Because he was driving me crazy.

I actually love co-op as well! Lovely ladies to hang out with and learn from and be blessed by.

But it’s kind of an exhausting day. 🙂 Enzo is learning to do without a nap on those days. He is so hard to put to sleep away from home! He loves to toddle around there, but I do need to keep after him. And Talia? She is my angel of a baby. She sleeps for hours. Wakes up and smiles at me. Eats. And waves her hands in the air. But I still come home exhausted on co-op days! Oh well, life is short…

My friend, Jennifer took Bomani along with her kids to the library to learn about fire safety from some clowns. 🙂 The twins were sad, so I made a tea party for them. 

Talia Rain. Dew from God. 

She brings us so much joy. And peace. The other night in the middle of the night, when all three of us were sleeping, she broke out in a giggle. 🙂

Somewhere under there is a burger. 🙂

I bit the bullet and got a Costco membership! We go through a surprising amount of food, so it will definitely pay off. Had a lot of fun shopping there, except for the fact that my cart was almost too heavy to push around! 

Our ice cream machine continues to be a delight to us. 🙂

Enzo with his birthday gift! This boy loves music videos. I mean, he will stand at the table, watching them, moving in time, humming and singing a word here or there…for hours. When he wants music videos, and we don’t give them to him, there is a very loud, long yelling sort of thing that goes on…

Miss Rain. 

I seem to have multiplied my girls… 🙂

Bomani painted this for me. 🙂 It’s me and him, he said. I really enjoy his creations!

Just, ya know…another ice cream picture.


I was privileged to attend the Broken and Free Tour in DFW area with my friend, Mary! Talia went along, and proceeded to melt everyone in her path…

It was a lovely evening!

These quinoa salads are one of our favorite E meals. 

The Ginger Snap Ice Cream was…amazing…

Mediterranean. Was fun and yummy!

I saw this cool video on facebook of how you can fry an egg in a jar ring, and thus make yourself an “egg sandwich”. 🙂 

Bomani brings me flowers. Ah yes, and I started wearing a “snood” some! I like it because I don’t need to put anything in my hair, I can just fold it up into the snood. It’s better for my hair. If you have really curly hair, it’s hard to keep the curls from being “ruined” if you pin or twist it up all the time. 🙂 Just some personal info for you…

I was out of cucumbers and lettuce, so I piled this quinoa salad with parsley and cilantro. It was pretty…uh…heavy duty.

Making me ice cream. I like him. 

Baby shower for a friend from church!

It had a woodland theme, and was so cute!

Was fun to go with all my girlies!

Recently I’ve been convicted that I get my kids clothes that like. Not necessarily what they like! I like straight, classy, vintage floral, etc. The twins? They love the shirts with a splashy butterfly on the front, or huge, twirly skirts…the call it a “loop”. So I said, “turn-around time, mom.” And I bought them shirts for summer that they love. And I made them these loopy skirts out of $1/yd fabric…and they dance.

Time for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

Two things about Daisy: She loves her black puppy, and her doll. And she likes to be the first out in the living room in the morning. 

Here I made the egg sandwich by frying eggs in pepper rings. 🙂

I had a lot of fun consigning at the Rhea Lana Sale this spring! So far, I made over $50. Yeah! I love shopping there. I’d go there just to breathe in the delightful, mommy air…

Things around here, with one six-year-old, and two five-year-olds, can get somewhat…uh…”rough n tough” at times. There for a bit, it seemed like all I ever did was settle fights! And even then, they still fought. Often the B & the D were the two involved…but then, they also play together the most!

Finally, at my wits end, I tried this one day: I gave them each five chocolate covered raisins or almonds. They may not eat them until bedtime! All day long, if they fought, I took one away. At bedtime, they each got to eat whatever they had left. I didn’t actually give them the chocolates in the morning. I just told them they had five. It worked like magic. After a week, my life was 300% more peaceful. So now we put these marks up, and if they mess up, we erase a mark. Being super competitive, this works really quite well! 

Just heard my boy yelling that he’s done with his nap. 🙂 May your week be blessed.


Ice Cream Inc.

I haven’t really enjoyed ice cream for a long, long time. I mean, I have enjoyed it to a point, but every time I eat some *real* ice cream, I feel this slight guilt…because I know I’m consuming concentrated sugar, and all sorts of other ingredient combinations that will not help me lose any baby weight! And I’ve been “losing baby weight” for about 6 years now. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Only to gain it back with the next pregnancy…but that’s okay! I’ll lose it again!) So when I started using Briana Thomas’ cookbook, Necessary Food, I thought, how sad that I am not using her extensive ice cream section! For she is the crowned queen of healthy, THM ice cream. Craig and I really got into the peanut butter shake recipe from her book. In fact, we often have that for a bedtime snack. It’s very satisfying and lovely. 🙂 But still…all those amazing ice cream recipes…

I researched ice cream makers on Amazon. Ow. We just don’t have $60 lying around! Finally we said, “We will buy an ice cream maker after we land our next roofing job.” And we did! So now, we have it.

Ice Cream Maker

We love it. And we are still learning to use it! The first time we used it, we made the mistake of stopping it to get some out for the kids. It immediately froze the dasher up, and there was no more turning happening! But the ice cream around the sides soon froze too hard to even chip off. Today, we made Briana Thomas’ chocolate custard style. I cooked the custard and cooled it in the fridge. (Most of her recipes are simply blend the ingredients and pour into the ice cream maker–so easy of a dessert!) It was incredible. We let it churn until it was no longer freezing the ice cream. It was thick, creamy, and fantastic. Honestly, the texture is not exactly as a *normal* ice cream would be. But we loved it. And the kids did too! Score! 

And so now I’m dreaming of making all manner of toppings, crumbs, syrups, etc., that are healthy, so I can whip up some ice cream for our dessert, and we can pile on whatever we wish…

In closing, I’ll give you the link to Briana Thomas’ cookbook. It’s amazing. Amen.

Necessary Food: The Cookbook

And in closing once again, I’ll post just a few kid pics. 

And last, but not least, I forgot that I was going to rave about…Roasted Okra!

Okra, my friends, is amazing in it’s nutrient value. It includes vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Furthermore, okra contains high levels of mucilaginous fiber. This is healing for your gut lining, and just plain…good for you. But seriously…unless it was pickled, I did not eat okra. It is slimy! Oh yes, except out of the fast food restaurant. 🙂 THM is now, however, incorporating it into all manner of recipes! My favorite easily, is the Cry No More Brownies. Yum. 

But Briana Thomas spoke of Roasted Okra, and how she eats it like candy! So I tried it. 

Oh my. OH.MY. It’s sooo amazing. This is how I do it.

I buy it frozen, cubed. I open a bag of frozen okra. Only, I can eat up to two bags by myself, so I make as much as comfortably fits on a large pan. I use parchment paper, frequently reminding Craig of how it is really my best friend…cuz no scrubbing of pans–you just throw it away and tend to the other 100 crises in your house! 🙂 

I pour the frozen or thawed okra onto the parchment paper. Stick it into a 400 degree oven. Or 350. Doesn’t really matter. Then once the water has evaporated out of it, and it’s starting to dry roast, I take it out, and put a chunk of refined coconut oil onto the pan. I stir it all up so that the okra is covered with a nice layer of oil. Then I salt it. Stick it back in. I stir it every 15 minutes or so. Then once it’s caramelized and browning, I take it out. I eat it…and eat it. Oh my. Soooo yummy!



Something New.

So…I had this delectable, expensive, and amazing hour…all to myself. Well, me and Baby Doll. I had some shopping to do before my “hour”. Then I decided to try out Lindy’s Treats & Treasures on  the square. I was so excited! I had something especially important to work on online. 

I arrived. Parked. Gathered together my chromebook, baby, etc. Walked up to the door. And they were closed on Mondays! Ack! Disappointment ran high…as she has the best croissants in Texas. 

I piled everything back into the van. Drove around the square, and finally decided that I would enjoy sitting at Hero’s Cafe more than I would enjoy sitting at Starbucks. So I pulled in there. Piled baby and things onto my stroller. Walked in. No wifi. 

I hauled back into the van. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

And drove to Starbucks.

Starbucks, just so you know…someday I’m going to give you a run for your money. I’m going to create a large, cozy, gorgeous, classy, amazing coffee and tea house. In Cleburne. It will be full of comfy corners, classy tables and chairs, and the best coffee drinks in the world, made by the best baristas in town. As well as the highest quality teas in small teapots from Asia. 

Just so you know.

🙂 🙂 🙂

And so here I am. Baby doll is waving her arms sweetly next to me. I’m drinking green tea. And I’m praying and thinking…and working…

And then I came crashing home…home to my hundred kids. Home to my baby who is turning two, today…

He lives up to every bit of his name. 
Enzo: ruler of an estate
Shaviv: spark; ray of light

But back to Something New…

After Baby Doll was born, and we traveled and came home, I began to settle into a routine. A life with five kids. And I began to hear from Father God, that my home~husband & kids are a huge part of what He has me to do right now. But there is something else. New things He wants me to do this year.

So I said, okay! Let me know what You want me to do!

And I waited. And listened.

And yesterday in church, during worship, it began to settle into my head and my heart.

I say began.

Because I have no idea how, what, where, this is going to do and be. But I’m starting out. And if it feels vague and fuzzy to you, trust me…it does to me too. 🙂 But that’s okay! Because we’re following Father!

There is now a ministry called Wildflowerdays. It is specifically for those (women and girls) of us who are living with a broken heart. The Bible also calls it a broken spirit. There is a facebook page called Wildflowerdays. On there we will be posting words from our Father God to you. More personal ministry will be taking place by email. Right now you can send emails to The email ministry will be one-on-one, and I will be conducting an interview with you via email, to discern whether or not it will be a good fit. 

That’s about all I’m going to be putting on my blog. 🙂 May your week be filled with peace from Father God!