He says that God causes the sun to shine on the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust.

You can ask then…is rain a good or a bad thing? We need rain to survive on the earth! But many of us love sunshine and blue skies…

Rain. Do you desire Rain? 

Craig and I called her Talia Rain. 

Because this is a time in our life where we are experiencing rain. From God. 

Talia means “dew from God”. Talia in and of herself is rain from heaven. Besides being a little angel in every way, just her presence is such a gift. She brings so much joy and peace with her little self. <3

But there’s more. We felt, as we sat down on our date at the Lighthouse Coffeehouse, where we go to name our babies when we near the end of the last trimester, that this time coming up in our life ~ is one of rain. Rain from God. 

It has been. So much. It has been the most intensely blessed time in both of our lives separately, and our life together. And at the same time, in other ways, it has been rain…with us longing for blue skies and the wind on our faces. 

I’m not actually making a lot of sense. 🙂 It’s pretty personal. But while we have been waiting, seeking, and working…wondering what God has for us in our business, with our future, with our finances…at the very same time, spiritual breakthrough and growth and such closeness with the Father that we never knew possible…has been raining into our souls.

When I come to God, I overflow with gratefulness. Even while we are left with $50 in our bank account! It’s almost weird! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (We have more than that now, but there was a point where we were there!!)


Gentle, refreshing, revitalizing, cooling…growing. This time of rain is an incredible gift from God.

I will never be able to look back with anything other than deep thankfulness. 

And then…life goes on. 🙂 It’s actually been so crazy here the last week, I started to crash last night. Okay, before last night…

We have been working toward #safari2017! This is going to begin next Tuesday for us. Part of my family has already started the party! All the Kuepfer Kids are converging upon Dad and Mary and the rest of the Eastern siblings, as we meet together to party hard and get Titus married off to a most amazing, young lady, Brenna Wright. We are terribly excited. 🙂 

And I have been sewing–all week. This is in addition to a ton of sewing my friend, Tina did for me! I got into this *perfectionism* mode, which isn’t at all helpful…except for the end result. 🙂 I did every sewing project I wanted done for this trip. I worked my tail off coming up with wedding outfits for each of us, on an extreme budget. I planned. I stressed. 🙁 I tried to keep up with the normal housework in the meantime. It’s hot outside. Mosquitoes. Chiggers. Which means the kids are inside…trashing the house beyond anything you can imagine. (Yes, they do clean up…but that in itself can be a huge job for me to oversee!)

And Craig has been working double time. He is doing social media shoots and interviews and write-ups for Ulrich Barns. This is keeping us afloat, and we are so grateful! But he does this in addition to inspections on roofs and bids and such things. Which we are also grateful for!

But I need my husband. I need him, like…double right now. 

Don’t let these pictures trick you. 🙂 I don’t record those screaming, fighting, “mom, we’re bored!” moments. I just don’t think of grabbing the camera in those times! 🙂 

The “going thing” right now is to make your own board games, then play them together! It’s actually pretty cool. 

But these times I do record? I’m either melting in a puddle of love, or laughing my head off, or just…overflowing with gratefulness for these kids of ours!

(He came up to me and said, “cuddle me.” Haha! Yes, sir…command man.)

Daisy told me, “I want to pick something beautiful for mama. Because I love her so much. Even when she’s mad at me!” (Uh, oh…mom needs to recalibrate!)

Daisy drew the Wild Kratts and the tortuga. 🙂

Last night I crashed. BAD. I can’t do this! I’m going to start this trip off on E! How is that going to help anyone? I was overtired. Like seriously. So of course, this morning things were much better. Even so, I put Sound of Music on for the kids, and am taking a long, slow, deeply satisfying quiet time out here. 

By myself.


God has a good way for us to live.

He is always good.

Always full of love and wisdom.

And always pouring it out to us. Never withholding. Always generous. 

He went away that He could send us the Holy Spirit–He said it is better that He goes! The Holy Spirit will baptize us, fill us…and bring a power that otherwise, we would not have! He will bring gifts. A quality of life that we could never deserve. Never work hard enough for. Never be perfect enough to even ask for.

But He just gives.

He gives us a gift. And we can rest. Relax. And just receive.

Be blessed this weekend! And be on the lookout for a post on #safari2017! (Sometime in the next year.)





What Life Has Been


Answered that in one word. 


My kind of “crazy”. Really, it may be your kind of “normal” or “just fine”. Or it may be your “I’m dying”. We all have our kind of “crazy”…and the past month has been it for me!

We arrived home from Kansas on Thursday evening at 9:30. The next day I worked on recovery and prep for the weekend…because the weekend was a church camp out! Saturday afternoon we headed to a really cool campground about a half hour from here in Rio Vista. It was beautiful! 

It felt like we took half of our house! (Yes, that’s a twin size mattress you see over the seats…) 

Our fun teepee tent!

The kids “swam” in the river for hours that evening! And we have lots of kids in our church. 🙂 (Maybe that dirty river water was the key to Daisy throwing up during the night? Dunno…)

Love these kids!

Church on Sunday. 🙂 So good.

Then we went home. I was beyond tired. The night in the tent had not gone well! Daisy, Hazel, and I had sore throats to start with. For the first half of the night, which started around midnight, they groaned and moaned and cried in their sleep. I got so annoyed because I would finally be sleeping, then they would be whimpering away! Toward morning, Daisy woke me up with her hand over her mouth. I quickly guided her to the kids potty we had in our tent, and she threw up in there. Nice. Then of course, it was light by 6:00 am. 🙂 But we still had fun camping!

I really wanted to rest a lot when we got home. Like, for a couple weeks. 🙂 But truth is, life goes on! And I have been in full planning/work mode toward our trip to VA, leaving on the 11th! The exciting news is that we get to use Eric and Jennifer’s conversion van and they will use our van for that week!!! Space! A DVD screen! I can actually be organized! 

My friend Bertha, who crochets baby caps, gave this to me. I love it so much!

Oh, but that baby of mine…! <3 <3

The dress I created out of lace, beads, and a Hobby Lobby dress. For the wedding!

So blessed!

Made Briana Thomas’ Uncle Bubba Bars. But I forgot to watch my recipe carefully and so mixed everything together in my wet ingredients! Still so good…

Yesterday I got serious about wedding prep. I took Bomani and Enzo to Kid for Kid in Burleson, a very nice secondhand and new kids clothing and toy store. There I outfitted them for the trip! They both had very sad wardrobes. 🙂 In the evening I decided to tackle the ties! I think I’m okay with the result! Sadly, I did not find any clothes for Bomani for the wedding itself. This suit Enzo is wearing cost me $3. 🙂 But for Bomani, I had to buy a shirt off of Amazon. And I think I’ll borrow the pants. 🙂 Just details for you…

We grow the beans long in Texas!

My sad bread of the day. 🙁 🙂 I was in a hurry and had a hundred kids needing things…and the rest is history…

When the kids went to make their cinnamon rolls, I realized I had no sugar, honey, or maple syrup in the house! So we stuck chocolate inside. 🙂 

So fun! I made bacon/egg/avocado/tomato sandwiches for dinner tonight. The tomato was too big!!

Please pray for our business. (P.S. This isn’t us.) 🙂

Blessed week to each of you!



Alright. Catch Up Time.

I left you last with a fun post about my sister and her family’s visit. 

After that…

I sewed another skirted bodysuit. This skirt was a tank top I rarely wore. Didn’t need to hem it or any of that…just gather stitch and sew it on! (P.S. I use elastic thread to sew the waist so she can get in easily!)

We had an anniversary. Nine years!!

Garlic chives. Love having them next to my door!

I look outside and think…those are so beautiful I don’t even know if they are real!

Such a pop of summer color! These were all volunteers. 🙂 

Just love. 

I picked a few mushrooms growing in my kitchen. 

Made chicken pizza with Costco low carb flatbread. The best. (Flatbread)

And made a THM E (okay, the creme filling was cross-over…I didn’t have any low fat cream cheese!) carrot cake! It wasn’t good. Sad. I didn’t execute it well. Just sayin’…for all of you who think I make good food all the time… 

We had our friends from church over for dinner. 🙂 They have twin girls. So fun! 

And then on Friday morning mom called. (Craig’s mom) We chatted a while. Harvest was in full swing in Kansas! I asked if they have plenty of help. She said…not really actually!

Then I got off the phone. I looked at Craig. I said, “Shall we go to Kansas for harvest?” Well, it turned out that he had thought of the possibility, as we had no roofing jobs at the moment, but didn’t want to pressure me as we had a huge trip east coming up for my brother’s wedding in July! We said, “Let’s go!” So I did laundry. And packed. And planned. And the next morning we drove to Kansas, surprising both dad and mom abundantly. 🙂 Fun!

I kept looking back and seeing God preparing me for this sudden travel. That week, I had decided to sew purple satin ties for Bomani and Enzo for the wedding, so I could save some pennies and not buy those. Plus, my friend Amber had given me some purple fabric randomly…

So I sat down and fixed two skirts for myself, sewed a dress for Talia, and did some other mending. Not once did I even think of the ties. The end result? We had plenty of wearable clothes for the trip to KS!

Also, Thursday I had kicked my butt into gear (I hate cleaning) and cleaned my house. So it was clean! And I didn’t need to do it Friday!

The very night we arrived we all got to ride combines! (Except for Talia; she got her ride later!)

Lots of fun out in Grandpas’ gorgeous yard!

Talia and Jenna! 

Bomani rode a lot!

Sorry about the shaky picture, but still wanted you to see how much fun these kids have there…

And then we came home! More in the next post about how I’m really doing…and what life really has been like. 


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P.S. Someday my blog will be more professional…


I’m going to try to put *on paper*…what has happened inside. 🙂 Not easy. But I really want to, so here goes…

Many of you know that we have been working on growing and establishing our own business–in the commercial roofing industry. There is a great market here in DFW. Craig thrives at this! We tightened our belts and took the plunge. Okay, multiple plunges. Over the past two years we have prayed, agonized, worked, invested, listened to God, worked…and…

Today it’s summer in DFW and we have no jobs. We are not on the streets. 🙂 But things are not going the way we really believed they would. And we don’t know why. Except for a few ideas…one being that yeah. It’s just hard to establish a good, thriving business. And it takes years.

But in the meantime…God has been working inside us. So much.

And one area is in the poverty mindset thing. 

I knew about this. If you have a poverty mindset, and you are constantly saying things like, we’re never going to get ahead! Or I just don’t have enough money this week…I never have enough. Or something always happens to take any extra… That’s a poverty mindset. And the things we speak into existence make an impact in the spiritual world. That’s a Scriptural principle. 

I’m not saying that we can sit on our butts and say I will be rich and wealthy…and it happens. Not that.

Just that what we say really affects life. And more, what we believe and what we think in our hearts.

I knew this! And I guarded against it. I saw it in others. I cringed when I’d hear them or see them say something out of this mindset. And I was like…nope, not me–I ain’t goin’ there!

The other day I prayed that God would show me any agreements I have made with the enemy. Just wanting more and more cleansing in my life. And God is 100% faithful. Always!

Later that day, Craig read something to me off of someone’s post on facebook or somewhere. It was about gratitude and how grumping about lack of money and being upset at needing to buy things really brought poverty to these people. And how when that changed in their hearts, the poverty changed. Nothing really outwardly necessarily, just…yeah. Things changed. Somehow.

And I started thinking, and praying. I really thought I was guarding against this poverty mindset thing. But my eyes were opened! I heard myself telling the kids over and over…we don’t have money right now. Can’t get that. We don’t have enough money…we don’t…

I thought about our crumbling, faux leather couch, and how I have said, I hate that couch! I thought of how I go to town to get food that we need, and cringe and feel awful and scream inwardly, waiting and waiting for that relaxation of finances. My thoughts. They have become more and more frustrated. Angry at times. Weary.

And so yesterday I manned up. I sat up and said, “Those thoughts, those words, those things in my heart–go back where you came from. Get out. I repent of that, I renounce that junk, and I accept Your forgiveness, Father God! Thank You! We are rich! We are so, so blessed…”

And my heart filled up with that blessing. Like, seriously, everything changed. I felt incredibly rich. I looked around…gratitude just filled my soul. We are so blessed! I was not just saying the words. It was bubbling out of my soul…the same soul that had been weary and poor moments before. Nothing had changed in our bank account. No large jobs had suddenly come in. But seriously, So blessed…so excited! So rich.

Be blessed out of His abundance today!!




A Week Of Crazy Fun!


What a week (or two) it has been! Let me tell you about it. 🙂

So, our Homeschool Co-op is now finished for the summer, and our big program presentation was planned for Saturday, June 10th! We invited Shane and Dorcas’ family down for the weekend, to take this in, but also just to hang out and visit us! This was huge excitement around here. It had been years since they had been down, and our lives have changed dramatically. So to have them come and see our lives was really special. I went into high planning gear. 🙂 Dorcas brought like half of the food, so I really didn’t have a lot to prepare! What I did have to work on, however, was…


So, included in the Co-op presentation was an auction for a children’s home in Mexico. I had literally nothing here that was nice and new, and I wasn’t using it. 🙂 I mean, I use what I have in my house! So I decided to bake! I chose two cakes, one–a four-layer white bean cake, with real chocolate ganache between each layer, and chocolate icing poured over the top. Two–a black bean princess cake, using the ceramic princess I had used two years ago for one of the twins’ birthday cakes. As I contemplated these cakes, I felt very much that they needed cake stands! I mean, how fun is it to take a cake home in a cardboard box? Or worse, plastic? 🙂

I struggled around online. Everything was waaaay out of budget. Then pinterest hit me. Ahhhh. Yes! I ran to Goodwill that very night, even though I was so exhausted from a Co-op day, that I could hardly see straight. 🙂 And I found, at our pitiful, little Cleburne Goodwill, inspiration…

A tart pan. A candlestick. A plate…eeek!  Craig used his roofing adhesive to secure them, and all it took was a couple coats of spray-paint, and ta-da…!

The blue took my heart away…

In the meantime, another inspiration struck. 

You all know I dislike sewing. By the time I was done being Mennonite, I was completely sewed out. And before then, I didn’t just love it. But now, I have so, so many interruptions! I mean, seriously. So many. 

But I needed clothes for Talia. She is growing like nobody’s business. 6 months of age, and filling out 9 month clothes. But I’m picky! I like skirted bodysuits. Love them. I like wearing dresses on her, but I like her diaper secure! These are not just a couple dollars though. And we are traveling in July, so I need nice clothes for her! I’m really glad I know how to sew, because in times like these, it comes in awfully handy. (Thank you, mom!!) 

I went to Walmart. Bought a set of three bodysuits, on sale, for $4. Came home. Rummaged a pile of fabric scraps. Craig’s shirt. Etc. 

Ran back to Wal-mart. Because I needed elastic thread. Otherwise baby can’t get into it! Then I sewed skirts to bodysuits…

First one! And yes, I had to take out a seam two seams into it…but I kept at it!

My brown-eyed beauties!

Oh boy. Can you tell this was Craig’s shirt?! Hahaha!

Rosette to the rescue!

My very all-time favorite. This skirt was a part of a maternity dress I wore. I loved it. Then I repurposed it into like three different dresses for the twins. Out of one of them, I made this. Love it!

Then I stopped. But I want to make two more. Maybe. One will be a dress for the wedding. White. Can’t wait–this was actually sort of fun!

But life came again…full in the face. 🙂 I cleaned up the sewing and hit the cakes…

Four recipes of white vanilla bean cakes! (The kids ate some as cupcakes…and there were lots of trimmings!) 

And the beginning of the Princess Cake!

I was going to decorate both cakes on Friday, but Thursday I got inspired…and so finished the first one. I really, really wanted a slice! 🙂 All of that ganache hardened nicely. I used Lily’s Chocolate chips. 

And the Princess Cake…done!

So fun! I stabilized sweetened, whipped cream with gelatin. The pearls have sugar. Made of sugar, actually. 🙂 But other than that, and the flower bouquet made of sprinkles, the entire cake was sugar free and gluten free.


In the meantime, I read this book. Anyone who is thirsty for Holy Spirit Baptized life–here you are. Amazing read.

And! It was VBS week! Our oldest three attended VBS at The Refuge Church here in Cleburne. It was incredible. They used Supernatural Kids curriculum, and the things the kids learned were just–amazing. We are so grateful!

(Not sure what’s up with the tummy…)

Aren’t they darling? The kids…and the backpacks!

Time out for mom. 🙂

Took the kids to watch a baseball game! Really fun!

Tried my hand at arranging flowers for someone in our church.

Teaching the twins to change a diaper. Talia thought it was funny!

Taking good care of Enzo after church. 🙂

She is sooo kissy!

Chief cake taster.

And then Shane and Dorcas and boys arrived!!!

These two…so cute, and so alike…

The Co-op Presentation kicked off at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon!

It started with a play performed by the drama class.

Bomani was in this class!

The choir class…it took my breath away. And made me cry…

The little girls doing their ribbons…

And then the dance class. Oh my. No words. The dancing to a powerful worship song…it was incredible.

I’m overwhelmed again by God’s goodness!

Then after that, Shanes and us took our 200 kids, and headed to Fort Worth for dinner! We went to our favorite Indian restaurant, India Grill. Amazing food. And so cool–a family owned and operated restaurant, where the mama comes out and loves you and talks with you and touches your baby’s cheeks. Love it!

Here we employed the only babysitter we were able to find…a movie. 🙂

That was so fun! 

This is what I found at 5:00 this evening. 🙂 🙂 We are tired, happy, and so grateful!

Have a blessed week!


More Thoughts…

Jennifer, you asked why we left the Mennonites…

I’m happy to try to chat about it on my blog. 🙂

When we moved to Texas from Kansas, we joined a BMA church here, which is technically Mennonite. Several years later, the Pastor died, and we clearly knew we needed to find another place to worship and belong. In that time of being 100% open and listening to God, we were simply led away from “Mennonite”. So in a nutshell, that’s how it rolled!

Then the questions start flooding my mind… What is Mennonite? Once a Mennonite, always a Mennonite?

And the biggest question I pose… Does it matter?

Something my heart has been screaming for some time is this: Does it matter what church you belong to? Is one denomination above another? Is there one denomination that “does it all?”…that has first dibs on truth?…that is more accurately following the Bible than other denominations?

I say no. No. NO! That’s what my heart is screaming! I am here to break it gently…that Mennonite doesn’t do it all. They do not practice the entire New Testament. I am actually doubtful that anyone does. We are all learning, growing, becoming more and more into His image from glory to glory! There are things in our present church that my heart overflows with intense gratitude for. There are things that we learned growing up as Mennonites that we still believe and practice. But now, instead of practicing them because we are Mennonites, we do them because we believe that we want to do them. And until we find out differently, we keep doing them. 

I’m not sure what all to write here. I’m happy to email about some more personal things if anyone would like. 🙂 

We want our children to grow up knowing that there are all kinds of Christians. We want them to grow up praying in the Holy Spirit. We want them to grow up, lifting their hands in collective worship with no thought of strangeness. We want them to grow up in the world…but not of it. That’s where Jesus placed us. 

I say that with no disrespect to anyone. I have such high respect for many, many people in all sorts of denominations. This is just where we find ourselves, following the Father’s heart for us, and learning to listen to the Holy Spirit in what He wants of us and where He has us going on this earth. 

I just come back to the cry of Jesus’ heart when He was one earth…

“Father, let them be one, as we are one… bring unity to the believers…”

I don’t care if someone wears dreadlocks, is covered in tattoos, wears a head veil, wears a wedding ring, or doesn’t. If they are a follower of Jesus, baptized with the Holy Spirit, and speaking His Words, I am here to worship and fight together in the Kingdom of God.

That’s where I’m at. 

<3 <3 <3


Texas House of Prayer

I’ve been thinking…it would be cool to write a bit about our church! It’s new in our lives in the past year, and so it would be fun to share with you a bit of where God has led us.

So yes, about exactly a year ago, we sat down, looked at each other, and said, where does God want us to fellowship/worship? What local part of the body is for us here, now?

Looking back, I see that all of my anxiety about it, (as is always the case!) was completely unnecessary. God had it all perfectly in order. He had been working in this far ahead of time…

We visited a few different places. We prayed. We waited.

One of the places we visited was the Texas House of Prayer. About a year earlier, we had enrolled our kids in a Homeschool Co-op based out of this church. So being familiar with some of the people there, we decided to visit. And we kept “visiting”. For a while, we went every other Sunday. We were very…careful. We didn’t want to make any mistakes…commit too easily. We weren’t sure if we believed similarly enough to really…work there. 

After a couple months, we said, we need to just go every Sunday. And so we did. It became more and more “home”. The more we took in of their teaching, their lives, their beliefs, the more we began to realize what they really had there. And as we kept attending, God was working in other areas of our lives. We now see that the things we put at the top of the “ladder” in importance, really…are close to the bottom, or not even on the “ladder” at all. I’m seeing that a lot of that stuff is a distraction….a distraction from what God really wants us to focus on. Distractions from the things that are really on God’s heart. We’re still learning and working on all that. But in short, Texas House of Prayer is a gem…hidden away in the sticks of Alvarado. I’m not advertising for them. 🙂 I’m just…rejoicing. I’m just grateful. So, so grateful. Sunday after Sunday, as we sit under Biblical teaching, as we watch their lives, as we soak in the truth, as we worship together…I’m overcome. I sit there and cry sometimes. The gratefulness just…fills my soul.

I’m going to be honest, one of the problems we had was a sort of fear of committing. What if this didn’t work out? What if things went bad? What it their lives really didn’t measure up to the Bible? What if…? So we tread softly. We kept ourselves back from them. We were friendly, but not involved. Finally we got past our fears and doubts. We began to understand some things. 

I’m going to be pretty uh…scarily honest here. We thought we were right. We believed that we practiced more of the Bible than other denominations. Mennonite doctrines, their instruction for new believers…are things usually not included in other denominations. So that’s how we believed. We thought we were right. We had more truth. We had more…of the Bible in our daily lives.

I’m actually really ashamed to admit that out loud. But I’m going to. I’m going to kick that thing out here in the open. We were wrong. And I keep finding out just how wrong I was. 

I have so much to learn. Oh.My. I have so much to learn. I am overwhelmed with how much, and yet so excited. Because God’s got everything we need…and it’s happening. Sunday after Sunday, I just open my ears and my heart and drink. I drink it in. And now we are in a class of instruction for people who might become a part of their group. No membership stuff, just…learning and being discipled, so we can all work together. Today was our first class. And it was on salvation. And I thought I knew it all, but it was so so good…especially thinking of how to help my children understand this. 

So, back to some more about the church! It is a small group, mostly made up of families with young children. So our kids have a large group of friends. 🙂 Mr. Steve, who started the church, is more of an overseer, or mentor, than a pastor. Jason Tate is gifted as a pastor, so he is the pastor. Michael’s gift lies in worship leading, as well as being an elder. And that’s how we roll. You do what you are gifted by Father God to do. There are about six families and a few others in this church. Seven with us. 🙂 Every second Sunday of the month, we have communion and a potluck meal afterwards. Wednesday evenings there is prayer at 6:00, but we haven’t scratched ourselves out to that yet. In a couple weeks, we are going to do a church camp-out. 

Every family with kids in this church is a part of the homeschool co-op. There are about as many families from other churches in the co-op as well. Wednesday after Wednesday, I sit at the co-op, overwhelmed with all the friends God has given me here. We have lived in Texas for 3 years, and some of those were lonely years. I am so so blessed. These moms are of such high quality. 🙂 I love watching them. I love learning from them. I love them!

And another amazing thing I am learning is how the Body of Christ works together. We might do a night of worship with another church. We attend The Refuge church’s vacation Bible school. There is no competition in the Body of Christ. Zero. We work together. We fight together for God’s Kingdom. We don’t do everything the same. We don’t even believe everything alike. This is how we grow! This is how we learn! And in the same breath, I trust our church leaders to know when something is false. Unsafe. Wrong. Steer clear. 

We are currently in a time of remodeling the church building. So we are worshiping in the already remodeled kitchen area. 🙂 

And so there is a bit of info on the Texas House of Prayer, and how God brought us to this place. 

Just grateful. 




Does God Speak To Us Today.

My belief on this is very simple.


But I’ll go ahead and give some background and a bit of what has been changing in our lives.

There are people who say they are Christians, who take this “word of prophecy”, “hearing from God”, or whatever you want to call it, and they twist it with lies, using it to their own profit. That profit is financial, social, and I honestly don’t know what other kicks they get from it.

It’s also Sin. Wrong. Evil. And one way the devil has used it is this: there are those of us who are so disgusted and freaked out by these things, that we refuse any thing that even hints at “hearing from God today”. 

I am appealing to you today.

I hear from God. My husband hears from God (better than I do). Some of the things I hear from God are not found in Scripture. But neither do they go against Scripture. Here is an example. 

Our three big kids are currently working through abcmouse.com’s early learning academy. For a week or more now, Bomani had been trying to tell me that he is stuck at a certain game! It just was too slow. Or something. Being busy and consumed with other things, I thought he was just being picky or not wanting to do something hard. Finally, when he got through his mother’s head that he really cannot go on in the learning path, I studied it out. It really wasn’t working. (They each have a kindle that they work on.) I tried several days. We would get a bit further, but then it would refuse to work! I sent a message to abcmouse.com’s contact team. 

Today I sat down with it again, determined to get him past this point so he could continue. I was stumped. WHY did those buttons refuse to respond????? I sat down at our big computer, deciding to work on something else while it sloooowly did it’s thing on the kindle. But then it refused to even work slowly! 🙁

As I sat there, the idea came into my head that I should try it on the big computer. I pulled the game up in Bomani’s profile. It sped through the screen! I called him in. In about 2 minutes he had finished the game, and was very happily collecting his rewards. 

It was not necessarily logical for me to think of this working on the big computer, but not on the kindle. God spoke to me. He put that thought into my head. I was so grateful!

I don’t find that in His written Word. But neither did it tell me to do something sinful. When Craig tells me that he feels that we should go to this certain place this evening, we go. I feel an extreme measure of safety and blessing in my husband’s sensitivity to the voice of Father God.

I feel such an intense gratefulness that God speaks to us today. That I can sit down, talk to God, and listen to Him. I believe His written Word. It is inspired, blessed, and gives so much incredible direction and work in our lives. But if we say that there is nothing more than that–if we say that when people say, “I heard God give me this word for you:…” that they are wrong, that they are unsafe, that this is bogus…I believe that we are missing something essential, key, important, living ~ something God told us in His written Word, that is going to be there for us after He leaves. (Sorry for that long, run-on sentence!)

The Spirit of Truth was sent to teach us all things–to bring things to our remembrance, to guide us into all truth. What is the gift of prophecy, if it is not God speaking to believers???

A more intensely personal part of our story involves this prophesying into our lives by others.

Last year, Craig started being mentored and taught by a Christian businessman. He mentors Craig in business and in heart things. In his first whiteboard session with Melvin, Melvin told Craig a bit of what God has ahead for us. Melvin is very strong in this gifting. We received that and believed it.

But what was very cool, was that the same year, God brought several ladies of God into my life to mentor me. Their prophecies matched Melvin’s. I am new to all this, and so for me, that blew me out of the water. But of course, God can do that! He can speak anything to His children who are listening. 

I am still working this out in my life. I am not very good at hearing. I need to keep killing the lies that come in that say, He won’t say anything to you, and if He does, you aren’t good enough to hear it… Those are lies. Kick them out!

Another amazing way God is working in our lives is through the small church we are a part of. There, the Pastor will stand up and say, “I have this word for someone, you know who you are…” and proceed to tell us what the Holy Spirit had been saying to him. Or he will single one of us out to give us the word from God. I feel so protected. He is listening to God. 

Last week I was having intense struggles in staying strong in faith for things we are waiting on. I fell into a ditch and was paralyzed in my efforts at getting up. Craig was gone Sunday, so I had to take the hundred kids to church in sheets of rain, by myself. I did it. I knew that I needed church…desperately.

God spoke so clearly to me through that service that I was almost offended! (hahaha! Be careful, this ain’t all fun!) I felt knocked upside the head, not comforted in my affliction. 🙂 (Laughing at myself now…) Then I realized…yeah, this is the body of Christ! These are my brothers and sisters, and they are speaking what God is giving to them. And the awesome thing is, I got out of the ditch! Yeah!

I need to go take care of my kids now. So I’ll shut up. For now. I’m so passionate about this, because it has revolutionized our lives…in such a good way. 

And I know so many of you already live this life. (I can be a late bloomer.) I love learning from you!

Be blessed today!


A Little True Story

This verse always amazes me…

“By faith in His name, His name has made this man strong, whom you see and know. So the faith that comes through Him has given him this perfect health in front of all of you.

(The story of the lame man who Peter commanded to get up and walk!)

I’m just learning about these things. For most of my life, I would read over these verses in the Bible and think that it was only for that era. But now I know that those verses are for us, today! Especially when I read about how Jesus commanded us to be filled with power, lay our hands on people–and they will be healed, cast out demons, and baptize people.

Here’s a cool story! It will also show you my weakness and how much I am still learning…

Ever since Talia’s birth, my back has been weak, probably due to very little core strength as a result of the pregnancy. (I’m workin’ on that!) I take all my kids to our chiropractor every two weeks, but I have found that I need an adjustment every week, which makes me busy.

Last week I was rearranging some furniture and did it to my back again! So I made an appointment for Friday evening with my chiropractor. In the early hours of Friday morning, I realized that I was coming down with the stomach virus that had been making it’s rounds in our church and our home. 🙁 I was very sick on Friday, and there was no way I could make my appointment.

Saturday I felt much better! But my back was even worse due to the tossing and turning I’d done all day Friday. I took my computer and my phone, and sat down, trying to find a chiropractor open on Saturday. My next appointment with my chiropractor wasn’t until Tuesday! I made a number of calls, but no one would answer, or take me in as a new customer on such short notice. I was becoming more and more frantic. My back really hurt! And nights with my back out were the worst!

Then through my anxious thoughts and heart came the quiet voice of Father God.

“I can heal your back as easily as I can heal any other part of your body.”

I put aside my phone and computer. I laid my hands on my back and commanded it to be healed in Jesus’ Name. Be healed. Be strong. Go back into place. In His Name, and by His stripes…we are healed.

As the day went on, my back improved more and more. Nights were good, and when we went to our chiropractor appointment on Tuesday, she told me that my back was not bad! (It’s often bad.) I wasn’t surprised! I told her my story, and we were happy together.

Not everything my husband and I pray for is healed immediately. There are lots of things I don’t understand. But I’m learning. I want to keep learning. And above all, we will keep believing in our Father and His power and His good, good heart.

Be blessed today.